Top 11 High Paying Affiliate Programs

You can get access to 8 of these high paying affiliate programs by joining one Cost Per Action Network. Remaining 3 affiliate programs can help you to generate passive income because of their RRM feature.

high paying affiliate programs

There are thousands of affiliate programs that you can join one by one to promote their products and services.

But it is far better to join one Cost Per Action Network that is called Maxbounty. To get access to 8 of these high paying affiliate programs that are listed below. You can also join 3 best affiliate programs that are based on a recurring revenue model (RRM) to make passive income.

Maxbounty is a CPA Network that has over 1500+ offers that you can promote as an affiliate marketer to earn a commission.


Deep Senital AI Home Security

This high paying affiliate program can pay you $80 To $280 Per Sale.

To make a commission with this high paying affiliate program, you should sell their surveillance system which includes a camera, speaker and siren.

They have one of the most advanced home security systems and their surveillance team has their eyes on criminals for 24 hours.

If anything seems to be wrong they firstly shout at the criminal and even call the police to protect you and your property.

This is one of the best affiliate products/services that you can promote to those who are looking for the best home security.


Big Commerce High Paying Affiliate Program

You can get paid anywhere from $72 To $1200 Per Paid Subscription with this highest paying affiliate program in the list.

The most interesting part about their affiliate program is a free trial. They don’t even ask to submit credit card info to start a free trial.

You can attract people who want to build their own eCommerce website. They are one of the best alternatives to Shopify.

In simple words, people can make an online store and use it to sell products, manage shipping and payments through Big commerce.

Big Commerce High Paying Affiliate Program


Nutrisystem Affiliate Program

$185 Per Sale is the amount an affiliate marketer can earn by promoting the Nutrisystem weight loss program.

People love to lose their weight and you can offer Nutrisystem buy one get one free offer to attract them to buy through your affiliate link.

Nutrisystem helps people to lose their weight by delivering them healthy diets according to the purchased plan. It is already a popular weight loss program so it wouldn’t be much hard to convenience people.


South Beach Diet Affiliate Program

Earn exactly $144 per plan purchased with the south beach diet affiliate program.

This is also one of the world’s top weight loss diet plan. They provide $100 off to new buyers.

As an affiliate marketer you can promote this high paying affiliate program by utilizing their provided discount.


Bad Credit Loans Affiliate Program

You’ll get $120 Per Approved Loan with the affiliate program of bad credit loans.

There are a huge number of people who are regularly searching for a source to get loans with bad credit in the united states.

You can promote this affiliate program through Microsoft advertising to get the best results.

In one way you are helping people to get loans with bad credit and on the other hand you’ll bank $120 per approved loan.


Ashley Madison Affiliate Program

$131 Per sale of a subscription is the awesome commission amount that you can receive by promoting this high paying affiliate program.

Most people who buy subscriptions in Ashley madison are those who hadn’t found what they were searching for in a dating site like tinder.

I hope you are able to understand what I mean by saying that. If no, then you can learn more about them by searching on google.

Ashley Madison Affiliate Program


Kasamba High Paying Affiliate Program

You can earn $100 if you are able to attract people to register and book a paid session with Kasamba Affiliate Program.

Kasamba is a spiritual consultant service. People can select any one consultant from a huge number of spiritual consultants.

New members can get a discount of $50 and you can utilize this discount to attract more people to register in Kasamba. Even If someone registered from your link today and booked a paid session within 60 days than that commission is yours.


Cylance Antivirus Affiliate Program

You can get paid $40 Per sale straight by promoting Cylance antivirus.

This is one of the best AI-powered antiviruses that can attract people to buy this antivirus easily.

Cylance Antivirus can be used as a replacement for traditional antivirus software.


Recurring Revenue High Paying Affiliate Programs

Generally affiliate programs are of two types. One pays you whenever you make a sale.

While another pays you for the lifetime until people that you attracted through your link stop spending on that platform.

This type of affiliate program that keeps on paying you commission for a lifetime is called Recurring Revenue Model Affiliate Marketing program.

You may attract people to just signup or spend a small amount for the first time but you’ll end up earning a huge amount of commission in the long run.

There is a huge number of the affiliate program but these are the top three high paying affiliate program that has a recurring revenue model.

1. The Elite WA Affiliate Program

2. Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

3. IQ Option Affiliate Program

Below you can know exactly in detail what are these affiliate programs are about.


The Elite WA Affiliate Program

You can join the elite WA affiliate program which is absolutely high paying and you can expect a commission of more than 40% from each paid referral.

By joining this affiliate program you’ll promote Wealthy Affiliate which is one of the most genuine platforms that helps people to build an online business by writing content on their own website.

They provide facilities for people to make their own website that is superfast. They work 24 hours to secure and enhance your website.

They have various video lessons to teach how to write content and how to make money through affiliate marketing and ad networks.

If a person can stick with their teaching for one year then he/she can be able to make a source of passive income by just writing content on their own website.

So, This can be the best recurring revenue model affiliate program that you can promote and help people in one hand and earn a commission on the other hand.


Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketers are paid commission up to 40% for referring clickfunnels to a new user.

However you can also promote their OFA challenge which can help you to earn a 100% commission.

Additionally, they have various ebooks to promote. If someone buys their ebook through your link and ends up using clickfunnels than you’ll earn that commission too.

Clickfunnels is popularly known as a platform to make sales funnel. So, most affiliate marketers and online businesses use clickfunnels to make various forms of funnels.

They also use this platform to receive online payments through the available payment processor. Furthermore, this platform helps people to use various email marketing software inside the platform.

So, this can also be the best recurring revenue model affiliate program that is worth joining.


IQ Option Affiliate Program

They have both types of affiliate programs. If you choose a recurring revenue model in this affiliate program then you can earn up to 50% commission.

And if you select (Cost Per Action) CPA then you’ll earn anywhere from $35 to $1200 per active referral.

IQ Option is an online trading platform. People trade various online trading instruments on this platform.

Some of them are forex, CFD, ETFs, commodities and binary options.

You can attract various online traders to this platform by utilizing tournaments.

People can win real funds by trading in these tournaments by paying entre fee that can range from $2 to $20.

If the participated trader can come in the top 30 positions than they can win $100 to $7000 according to the prize pool of that particular tournament.

In the Recurring revenue model affiliate program, this one is the highest paying affiliate program that you can join.


What do you think?

Joining a high paying affiliate program doesn’t guarantee your success.

I have seen people making thousands of dollars by promoting low commission affiliate products too.

You must have either passion or knowledge on the product and service that you are promoting.

You can join any of the high paying affiliate programs from above but if you don’t have passion or knowledge then you are going to see hard days.

Lastly, I want to know in the comment section below, which affiliate program do you think can be best for you?

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