Learn How To Promote Affiliate Products – Best Ways

Want to promote affiliate products and don’t have a proper idea of how to do it?

Then this article will guide you properly on how you can promote affiliate products in profitable ways.

how to promote affiliate products

Generally, there are two ways to promote affiliate products. One is a freeway and another is paid. If you really want to become a successful affiliate marketer in the long run.

Then I would suggest you test all the available methods that can help you to promote affiliate products.

But after testing, just choose one or two methods of promotion and stick with it.

Once you are able to do this then you’ll not only see profitable results.

You can even become a master in that particular promotion method.

And create a source of passive income for a lifetime.

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How To Promote Affiliate Products for free

There are various ways to promote affiliate products for free.

But these are some top methods that you can start easily.

How To Promote Affiliate Products for free

These methods have been used by various successful affiliate marketers before. And they are still the best method for promoting affiliate products.

  1. Articles & Website
  2. YouTube Videos
  3. Social Media

Now, Let’s understand how you can start promoting affiliate products by using these free methods.


Articles & Website:

In another word, you can call it blogging. To use this method you’ll need a website where you can post reviews of various affiliate products with the link to purchase those products.

Don’t be skeptical just because you need to make a website and write articles. You can easily make a website in WordPress or Blogger and start your affiliate marketing journey. If you cannot write articles then you can hire various content writers to write articles for your website.

To promote affiliate products in this way, you can also join my recommend affiliate marketing training from the menu section of this website for free.

You’ll get 10 free video tutorials that will guide you through making a website for free, choosing a niche for affiliate marketing and several other things.

If you don’t want to join that then you can see several videos related to making a website on WordPress and bloggers to promote affiliate products.

You can also watch various videos on YouTube to learn, how to write articles related to product reviews.

It is important to learn to write articles because It will help you to identify the difference between high-quality articles and low-quality articles in the future when you hire an article writer.

Promoting affiliate products with your own website and article is one of the top and best way that most successful affiliate marketers are using.

It may take up to six months but once you start to get free traffic from search engines like google, Than there is no limitation of sales that you can get from those articles.


YouTube Videos:

Most people love to watch videos on YouTube. Typically, two types of videos are extremely in demand at YouTube, One is funny videos and another is informational videos.

Don’t get scared, you can simply start a YouTube channel by looking at another channel that is closely related to your affiliate products.

promote affiliate products with youtube

You can use a free software called OBS STUDIO, It will help you to record computer screen.

For sound, you can use a cheap and best mic called BOYA BY-M1.

Once you have these two things, Then you can make screen recording videos that are related to your affiliate products and are highly informative.

You can also make product review videos and post it on youtube to promote affiliate products.

This is the second-largest way that you can use to promote affiliate products for free.


Social Media:

There are various social media platforms that you can leverage to promote affiliate products. If you are thinking to use platforms like Pinterest and Instagram than be sure that you use their free business account.

promote affiliate products with pinterest

And then you can start posting various pics that are either interesting and eye-catching or filled with short and sweet information.

Once you start to gain followers than you can promote affiliate products in a way that is as interesting as your previous pics.

But, If you are thinking to use Facebook to promote affiliate products for free, Then create a Facebook group and invite your friends who may be interested in the affiliate products that you are trying to promote.

And then start posting useful and creative information on your Facebook group.

Gradually your group will become bigger and then you can make a post on a weekly or monthly basis to promote particular affiliate products in that group.


Increase Audience of your promotion channels

Once you are putting high-quality informational content on your channels then gradually your audience base is going to increase itself.

In the starting days, It will be hard for you to increase your audience by just posting informational content.

So, It is best for you to ask for help from your friends, who can increase your audience in starting days.

You need to look for help from your friends who already have:-

  • Website With Good Traffic Volume.
  • YouTube Channels With Decent Subscribers.
  • Facebook groups with massive members.

Now, If your friend has a website with good traffic volume than you can ask him to put a sidebar widget on his website to drive traffic to your website.

Be sure you install a free plugin that is called Onesignal on your website so that you can make those visitors your audience by making them subscribe to your push notification subscriber list.

If your friend has a YouTube channel with decent subscribers, then ask them to give a shout out for your YouTube channel or put a link to your YouTube channel in their YouTube videos description.

If your friend has a Facebook group with massive followers than ask them to share content from your Facebook page to their group and put your Facebook group link on your Facebook page.

These are some basic tips on how you can increase the audience of your promotion channel in the starting days, but there are still a lot of things that you can gradually learn and implement to promote your affiliate products through your own promotion channel.

Unique Paid Ways To Promote Affiliate Products

There are several paid advertising platforms that can be used to promote affiliate products but most people don’t have any idea of promoting affiliate products in unique and creative ways.

Using these paid methods to promote affiliate products can save you lots of money while results can be outstanding.


Instagram Influence:

You can contact Instagram influencers who have massive followers and are closely related to your affiliate products. These paid Instagram influencers can help you to get sales or lead by promoting your affiliate products on their Instagram page.

You can directly search these influencers on Instagram and send them a message.


You can use freelance platforms like Fiverr to hire them. This type of promotion can give you unexpected results.


Facebook Page:

You can search for various Facebook pages that are closely related to your affiliate products.

And message the page owner to run a paid promotion of your affiliate products. But be sure that previously posted images or posts have a decent amount of like and comment on that page.


YouTube Video Description:

Various YouTube videos are ranking on the top of the search result, which is closely related to your affiliate product.

But they are promoting nothing in their description.

You can ask the owner of the video to put your affiliate products link in the description of their video. These Video owners can be contacted by visiting about section of their YouTube channel.


Prank YouTube Channel Of Specific Country:

People love to watch prank videos and you can leverage these channels to promote your affiliate products.

Your affiliate product must be attention-grabbing and interesting for the general audience. It will help you to gain maximum benefit from this type of promotion.


Questions For You

Which of the above method was interesting for you, Tell me in the comment below. So I can write other similar articles that can help you to promote affiliate products more easily.

Once you want me to answer more on any of the topics from above than comment below your question. I will try my best to explain it to you there.

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