What Is Affiliate Marketing And How It Works

Affiliate Marketing is a process of marketing and selling products and services, that are listed in affiliate programs. Any individual that gets accepted as an affiliate marketer can start promoting these kinds of products and services.

You can get paid a pre-decided commission If you are able to bring sales to such products and services.

Now, let me take you a little bit deeper

In affiliate marketing & tell you how it works

What Is Affiliate Marketing And How It Works

Generally, there are two models of affiliate marketing and below you can see those two models and their explanation:-

  1. Cost Per Action Model
  2. Recurring Revenue Model

Cost Per Action model in affiliate marketing, simply means you will get paid once whenever you make sales.

Whereas, Recurring Revenue Model in affiliate marketing means you will get paid until the user that bought through your affiliate link keep on spending money on the same platform.

Normally, there are three parties involved in affiliate marketing and they are:-

  • Product Owners
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Customers

But when a fourth party known as the Networks gets involved in the affiliate marketing chain then that type of affiliate marketing becomes CPA Marketing or CPA Affiliate Marketing.

What Is CPA Marketing

Various product owners list their products and services to different networks, Such a network is known as the CPA Marketing Platform or CPA Network and it plays a role of a trustable middle man between product owners and affiliate marketers.

Joining these types of networks gives you an ability to promote various products and services that are available in a single network from multiple owners and this type of modified form of affiliate marketing is called CPA Marketing.

Some of these networks are:- Clickbank, Maxbounty, Shareasale and so on.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Works

Are you thinking to start doing affiliate marketing?How Does Affiliate Marketing Works

If yes, then here is a step by step process that you need to follow.

Firstly you need to have a proper vision of how you want to promote.

As a beginner, you have various ways to promote affiliate products some of the popular ways are Paid Ads, Product Review Youtube Video, Product Review Website.

If you ask me, which method of promotion you should use to start doing affiliate marketing. Then my answer will always be the same and that is Product Review Website.

If you select this method of promotion in your starting days, then gradually over time, You’ll become a master on selling the huge number of affiliate products with free organic traffic from the search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing.

Once you selected your way of promotion.

Start to learn how to promote affiliate products with your selected way of promotion. You can easily find various tutorials (free/paid) on how to master a particular promotion method. Just search on google or youtube.

Once you start to learn, make a proper strategy that can help you to promote affiliate products for longterm with a single promotion method.

And then, Join the affiliate program or CPA Networks to start earning real commissions.

Beginner Affiliate Marketer’s Blunder Mistake

Affiliate Marketing is not hard but It is not that easy too.

If you look at successful affiliate marketer’s than you’ll find two things common in them.

Beginner Affiliate Marketer's Blunder Mistake

Firstly, they never stop learning things that are related to affiliate marketing and secondly, they are consistently working on 1 traffic source.

But most beginner affiliate marketers want to earn huge commission in their starting days. Huge commissions can be earned in affiliate marketing but for that, you need to have proper knowledge & experience.

So, It is better to start affiliate marketing with a mindset of learning and implementing things for 1 year with 1 traffic source.

If you are able to this, then you will be surprised by looking at yourself in a year.

Affiliate Marketing Examples

As you can see below, It is a review of the wealthy affiliate program. This program helps to learn and implement everything related to affiliate marketing of all levels.

I have made this review to promote the wealthy affiliate program.

So, This is one example of how you can do affiliate marketing with a website.

Example 1Affiliate Marketing Example

In the picture below, you can see 3 people are talking something related to BOYA BY-M1 in their youtube videos.

BOYA BY-M1 is cheap & best mic to record audio for youtube videos.

So they are promoting this mic as an affiliate product, by providing valuable information through their youtube video.

Example 2

affiliate marketing example

Example 3

Below you can see two different ads that are promoting 10 different types of antivirus.

These all antivirus are affiliate products and they are paying Google Ads on a cost per click basis, to show their ads on top of the search engine.

Affiliate Marketing Examples

Advantages Of Becoming Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is not just promoting affiliate products.

Most people don’t even realize the knowledge & experience, that they are going to gain gradually.

It can help you to launch your own products by measuring the depth of the problem that you are going to face throughout your affiliate marketing journey.

Once you make a product that can add value to the life of people.

Advantages Of Become Affiliate Marketer

Then, you can list your product in CPA Networks to be promoted by thousands of affiliate marketers.

Don’t get confused I am not just talking about physical products.

I am talking about digital products too, that can be made once and sold forever.

There are other several advantages of doing affiliate marketing and I have listed some below:-

  • You can make money online from home
  • You will learn valuable skills like Content Writing, SEO, Digital Marketing.
  • You are going to make an audience who trusts you and loves to buy from your link.

List Of The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

One of the top names and best affiliate marketing platforms is Amazon Associates.

But there are various other platforms that can be a good source of earning for you.

These three affiliate programs are the best and they don’t have any network in between.

  1. Clickfunnels Affiliate
  2. IQ Option Affiliate
  3. Wealthy Affiliate

And below you can see three of the Best CPA Affiliate Marketing Networks.

  1. ClickBank
  2. Maxbounty
  3. ShareASale

Some affiliate marketers just want to promote ecom products.

If you are one of them then you should think of joining giddyup.io

Essential Words That affiliate Marketers Must Know

Advertiser: Those who want their products to be promoted by affiliate marketer’s

Publisher: Those who promote affiliate products as an affiliate marketer.

Network: A platform that acts as a middle man for Advertiser & Publisher.

Conversion: When a sale and lead have occurred then that is called a conversion.

Lead: A person who submitted his contact details name, address, email/phone number, etc.

Tracking Link: A special link provided to affiliate marketers to track conversion.

CPA: Cost Per Action

CTR: Click Through Rate.

CPC: Cost Per Click.

EPC: Earnings Per click.

What Can You Do Now?

If you are new and want to start affiliate marketing than just start.

Don’t think much.

Soon you’ll see money coming in and get highly motivated.

Everyone starts affiliate marketing with little to no knowledge.

When I was just starting out, I never thought, I was going to make a single dollar from affiliate marketing.

But I wanted to make money online. I was stuff born.

And everything changed when I made my first commission which was $1.30.

And then in the same year, I crossed the mark of $50000 revenue from affiliate marketing.

Trust the process, Learn and Implement that learning, keep on repeating. Success will be yours.

Best of Luck Good Friend.

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