What is Wealthy Affiliate About – My Experience & Review

Here, I am going to tell you about wealthy affiliate and show you my journey how I started and where have I reached throughout the journey. There are lots of things about wealthy affiliate that you need to know and I am sharing it all today.

What is Wealthy Affiliate About

I knew about this platform in 2012 but I was not interested in it because at that time I was learning and earning from affiliate marketing through paid ads. All advertising platforms were advertiser-friendly at that time so I never felt I would need any free traffic kind of stuff.

Getting Started

It was later in 2019 that all advertising platforms started to go crazy for me. As I told you I always have been running paid ads and I started to suffocate from paid advertising because of the low amount of traffic that I was getting through paid ads.

So I started to search for a solution and I remembered about this wealthy affiliate and I had learned some basic things from this platform in 2012. So I was like I need to learn something new than that of paid advertising and I joined wealthy affiliate free starter plan that cost me $0.

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Learning Is The Key For Earning

When it comes to learning, I totally forget what I already knew and start to take baby steps and that has always helped me to level up in affiliate marketing. Same thing I applied to my wealthy affiliate journey.

I started to learn “Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training Level 1” inside the wealthy affiliate

Online Entrepreneur Certification

By completing this Level 1 Training in 3 days

  1. I was able to make my own WordPress website.
  2. I decided my niche that I would promote through organic free traffic.
  3. I was able to setup menus on my website & made it ready for search engines.
  4. I understood the basics of keyword research.
  5. I published a privacy policy and about me page.

I already had some knowledge about making WordPress site, doing keyword research, publishing page and posts but still, I did it all like a complete newbie.

After completing all 10 lessons inside Level 1 training, I was able to partially evaluate whether they could help me grow or not. So I was thinking to join their premium for one month with $19 which they were offering if I was joining them within 7 days of signup.

Three Things That primarily impressed me to join there premium

  • I was learning, implementing and producing results at the same time.
  • Their lessons were more than easy to understand.
  • They had every tool inside their platform that I could think of.

I was seeing a lot of people posting their success stories of ranking on google, getting sales, making a full-time income and so on.

I had a feeling that I possibly can make a perfect online business with help of wealthy affiliate but at the same time I was having doubt: Maybe they were using some type of sales pitch that I wasn’t able to track down or this may be another type of pyramid scheme that is making me a daydreamer.

There was various doubt in one hand and in the other hand, I was seeing a huge opportunity to set up a business that I own and have full control of it.

It was at this time I made a decision and invested my $19 for wealthy affiliate premium in order to investigate whether I will be able to create a business out of it or not.

After Upgrading To Premium

After upgrading to premium, I had a lot of option to go with various affiliate platform like Amazon Associates, Maxbounty, Giddyup and so on to promote there offer according to my niche but I was just getting started and had good experience in affiliate marketing so I decided to go with affiliate marketing as my niche and promote Wealthy Affiliate.

Commission that I was going to get from wealthy affiliate was way less than what I am earning through other affiliate programs with paid advertisement but still, I had a feeling that this wealthy affiliate program seems to be genuine and can provide high value to everyone who wants to make a business online either by promoting affiliate products or their own product.

I Started To Investigate

Now it was time for me to investigate whether this program is genuine or not. I started to scan their step by step lessons and found they have two lessons that grabbed my attention and I was myself a king on it.

They were:-

  • Bing, Yahoo & The Power of PPC
  • How to Scale Successful PPC Campaign

Bing ads tutorial

I  watched these two lessons by giving my fulltime and I came to the conclusion that this program is definitely going to help me make an online business.

And here is my strong reason for it. They had old tutorials from bing ads and I knew almost everything they were teaching there except one thing that they were able to make me understand and this thing had held me for a long time to get more conversion on bing ads with any affiliate products.

I became hyperactive and set up a campaign on bing ads and got shocked within 2 days. This Camping converted in 1 day and scaled on the second day that was an amazing experience for me.

maxbounty results

That Was Not The End

When you are on good track then good things start to happen more. It was not like that I didn’t have money but I got a buying proposal for my 3 other websites in which I was using AdSense to make money. I didn’t have any interest on those site so I sold it and got like ($500 for 3 sites) + ($200 that I had earned from AdSense)

With that money, I bought a $359 yearly premium of wealthy affiliate and I am learning a lot of strategy from their lessons, weekly classroom which is completely beginner-friendly yet most powerful teaching I have ever experienced.

Two Thing Started To Happen in Real:-

  1. I was able to launch a profitable campaign on bing ads & scaling it with ease.
  2. I was learning & consistently writing content on website (pawandhakal.com) that is after my name Pawan Dhakal.

I furthermore started to convey my message about wealthy affiliate to those friends whom I know personally and are working online consistently. Some of them had joined the starter plan but didn’t care much about it. I know they are being skeptical as I was before but I would like to tell everyone including my friends.

Help yourself and give it a try, push yourself for something amazing like a wealthy affiliate. Their free starter plan is going to cost you $0 and you can always investigate before you invest for your success.

Special Bonus For You

The problem is an essential part that we often ignore but that is a big mistake and lots of people have failed in the various industry because there was no one for them to guide.

Wealthy affiliate tackles all the problems that you can face in the coming days. But you could still face a lot of problems and need private help from someone who has already tackled those kinds of problems.

And this is my special bonus for you. If you ever felt hopeless, stuck through your journey in wealthy affiliate then I am there for you forever.

You just need to send me a message and get all possible solutions to the problem that you are facing for 100% Free.

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