Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – Free Step By Step Tutorial

Affiliate marketing for beginners free step by step tutorial will help you to understand and implement each and every aspect of affiliate marketing easily.

Below you can see the list of a free tutorial that is completely essential to learn before you start doing affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

You can click on any topic below and start affiliate marketing tutorial.

  1. How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners
  2. Can You Really Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?
  3. How To Make A Website For Affiliate Marketing
  4. What Is The Best Way To Start A Blog – Right Now
  5. How To Select Niche For Blogging
  6. How To Do Keyword Research For SEO And Ranking on Google
  7. How To Write Article For Affiliate Marketing
  8. Affiliate Marketing With Articles – My Experience & Result
  9. Affiliate Marketing With Google Ads – Profitable Method
  10. CPA Marketing on Bing Ads Guaranteed Conversion Method
  11. How To Start Affiliate Marketing With Instagram
  12. Wealthy Affiliate Review – Everything You Need To Know

This 12 step tutorial will help you to understand each and every aspect of affiliate marketing in easy to understand way.

You can also click on any topic from above and follow that part of the tutorial. But I would strongly suggest you to learn all the steps to start a profitable journey in affiliate marketing.

What Happens After This Free Tutorial?

After leaning all the steps from above, you will be able to do affiliate marketing in 3 ways and those ways are listed below:-

  • Affiliate Marketing With Paid Ads
  • Affiliate Marketing With Free Traffic
  • Affiliate Marketing With Organic Traffic

Furthermore, you will learn about some people that provide massive value to affiliate marketers through their free youtube videos.

You will also discover a powerful beginner-friendly platform that can help you to make a business online with affiliate marketing.

Lastly, This is not just a free tutorial, this is a huge knowledge base that each and every affiliate marketer must know when they are just starting out.

Affiliate Marketing Meaning

There is a business that wants to pay any individual or company who can bring sales to their products and services.

The procedure of joining such a program to promote their products and services by agreeing to only get paid when sales have occurred is the real meaning of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

There are several mistakes that a beginner affiliate marketer keeps on committing which hold them back from success.

I have tried my best to eliminate those mistakes from the beginning of your journey so read it carefully

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

No Learning Only Earning

Mistake: End goal of each and every affiliate marketer is to make money but this doesn’t mean your complete focus should be on making money by anyhow selling products and services.

Most beginners in affiliate marketing are making this mistake in there starting days which leads them to either quitting affiliate marketing or becoming depressed by not being able to generate a good amount of money.

How To Avoid: Yes you have jumped to earn money through affiliate marketing but your major and laser focus should be on learning a whole framework of affiliate marketing first and then start to take action. The whole framework means the 12 step tutorial I have provided above.

Promoting Random Products & Services

Mistake: This is another top mistake of affiliate marketing beginners, they just want to get sales and start to promote any products and services that they hear about. One week they are promoting drone and next week they start to promote bodybuilding supplements.

Oh my god, just imagine this scenario. what will they learn by promoting random products?

Nothing they are going to learn nothing by doing this kind of stuff.

How To Avoid: Don’t just see how much profit will you make in the sale of 1 particular product. Focus on multiple variations of 1 type of product, that you have some idea about or you can be happy to learn about.

This will help you to master that product and eventually you are going to bring a massive number of sales in that type of product.

Not Knowing Difference On (Business Vs Making Money)

Mistake: There is a major difference in just making money with affiliate marketing and creating a business as an affiliate marketer. You always have two options while doing affiliate marketing.

You can either run paid ads and promote your affiliate products or you can create a business by building a website/blog which gets free organic traffic from the search engine like Google, Yahoo & Bing.

Most affiliate marketer, in the beginning, doesn’t think about creating a business. So they keep on promoting high ticket products by making landing pages.

Doing only paid ads will help you to make money only when you are ready to pay for the advertisement. But If you start to do affiliate marketing in both ways then you will be able to create a passive income for yourself throughout your life.

How To Avoid: No need to worry if you don’t have any idea on how to create a business by making your own website/blog. I have covered everything in the step by step tutorial above.

That tutorial will help you to learn both paid and organic way to get sales in affiliate marketing.

You Must Know About CPA Marketing

CPA Marketing is generally known as Cost per Action marketing.

This is a modified version of Affiliate marketing, but in this type of marketing, there is no need to make sales like normal affiliate marketing.

You can promote various offers like SOI, DOI, Paid Survey offer, Loan Offer and many more.

SOI – (Single opt-in): In this type of offer, If people signup to a form with their basic info and email address by clicking your affiliate link then you get paid per signup. Those people don’t even need to confirm their email address, So it is called a single opt-in.

DOI – (Double opt-in): This is the same as single opt-in but people need to confirm their email after they signup for the form that you are promoting.

Paid Survey: This is another offer in which you promote a link to make people signup to a paid survey site. If they signup through your link then you get a commission.

Loan Offers: People are looking for various loans online and you can promote these offers to help people get loans online through your affiliate link and get paid.

SOI, DOI, Paid survey has low payout and they range anywhere from $1 to $5, But with the loan offer, you can get paid up to $12 to $120 for a single approved loan. One of the famous CPA marketing platforms is Maxbounty.

How To Become Successful Affiliate Marketer

Most affiliate marketers jump to run paid ads and many of them have become successful by doing so.

But most affiliate marketers aren’t being successful just by running paid ads.

How To Become Successful Affiliate Marketer

So, It is necessary to work on three types of traffic when you are starting to do affiliate marketing. You will easily find the most efficient way to do affiliate marketing, If you try to learn affiliate marketing with organic traffic, paid traffic and free traffic.

The highest number of successful affiliate marketers is using organic traffic to make their affiliate commission on a daily basis. It is very much important to make your own website/blog to promote your affiliate products.

Because the knowledge you are going to get by promoting affiliate products this way is going to be highly valuable throughout your journey in affiliate marketing.

However, you must also not forget about paid traffic and free traffic. Once you start building your website/blog then your second priority should be paid traffic and then the third priority should be free traffic.

My Words For You

I have tried my best to cover every aspect of affiliate marketing in this free tutorial.

So don’t overthink,

Just go with the flow and learn as much as you can.

I have covered all three traffic sources in this free tutorial.

And below, I will give you a little understanding of how you are going to become successful with these three traffic sources.

It all starts by building your website and writing high-quality articles on your website to promote affiliate products. Secondly, You can test that article by promoting through various paid ads and lastly, you can build your audience through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & so on.

This is just an outline that you can make in your mind If you want to do things differently than you can do it. You will surely learn about these three traffic sources in this free tutorial and it completely depends on you, how you are going to implement it for your success.

Welcome To Affiliate Marketing Journey

You are one step away from taking action go above and click on “How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners” and start learning everything about affiliate marketing step by step.

I have tried my best and I am updating this free tutorial time to time to make it easy for you to understand.

Lastly, Sharing is Caring.

Do share this free tutorial to help others learn and start affiliate marketing.

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