Affiliate Marketing With Articles – My Experience & Result

Affiliate Marketing With ArticlesAfter making thousands of dollars from the paid advertisement.

I was somehow able to take one of the right decisions in my life to start doing affiliate marketing with articles.

And If you are thinking to do affiliate marketing with articles then this is one of the most effective and profitable decisions you are going to take in your career as an affiliate marketer.


My Affiliate Marketing Experience

I was doing affiliate marketing with paid ads and things started to get tough for me.

I simply built or copied some funnel template and promoted lots of offers from various advertising platforms like Bing ads, Facebook ads, google ads and so on.

I was mostly promoting cost per action offers like weight loss products, sweepstakes, loans and so on.

But later the advertising platform started to become aggressive on such types of offers. I got totally stuck because my ad accounts started to get banned frequently.

I was in need of solution to promote offers that were already profitable for me and I started to join various contextual advertising platforms to promote affiliate offers through:-

  • Push Notification Ads
  • Popup & Popunder Ads
  • Solo Ads
  • Display Ads

But nothing worked for me. You can feel how frustrated I have been throughout this time and lastly, I made a proper decision to start doing affiliate marketing with free organic traffic from search engines like google.


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My Huge Problem

Those offers that I mentioned above had either huge commissions per sale or had the maximum potential of conversion even if commissions were low.

Some of them were shady offers kinda scams but I didn’t really care about those things at all when I was doing paid ads. I spent some dollars to make more than that dollars.

Now with organic traffic, I wouldn’t be able to promote any shady offers because if I did so then eventually I would lose everyone’s trust which could fail me badly in the long run.

But still, I was in the hope to learn how to do affiliate marketing with articles and then I found something that was going to teach me about it and make me able to promote a genuine affiliate product.

I Started To Do: Affiliate Marketing With Articles

After struggling a lot to find a way to do affiliate marketing with articles. I joined a beginner-friendly program that is called wealthy affiliate.

I joined them with their free starter plan that cost me $0 and interestingly they didn’t ask me to submit my CC info when I was signing up. I was really impressed.

They gave me 10 free lessons which I saw and in 3 days I had my website with a free domain. I also learned some basic things that were really important while doing affiliate marketing with articles like:-

  • Finding My Interest & Selecting A Micro Niche.
  • Understood How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing
  • Learned Proper Way To Do Keyword Research For Article.
  • Knew How To Create Best Articles For Conversion.

Now, I already had a website with me.

I could now keep on publishing my articles every day. I further joined there premium with $19 for one month and bought a domain in my own name Pawan Dhakal.

Actually, If you haven’t read the domain name of this website then you can see it above (

As I have already told you before my interest is in making money online through affiliate marketing.

So I chose affiliate marketing as my niche and started to promote wealthy affiliate itself to spread my knowledge and experience in affiliate marketing through my articles.

My Progress In Affiliate Marketing

I created this website ( on January 30, 2020, to do affiliate marketing with my articles.

And at the time of writing this article which is my 13th post on this website, it is just February 19, 2020. Not even a month right?

pawan dhakal website details

But I am already getting some traffic through organic search and social media like Facebook and most importantly because I am writing articles consistently people are returning, time to time in order to read my articles.

That has helped me to bring some referrals to my affiliate product that is wealthy affiliate. I honestly didn’t think I would be able to see results so fast.

But when you start to help people then people will start to trust you and signup or buy through your affiliate links.

So I strongly suggest you, share helpful and genuine information through your articles in your niche and lastly suggest them an affiliate product that is genuine and can help them in real.

Below you can see the proof of referrals that have signed up through my link to wealthy affiliate till today.

But remember wealthy affiliates have a free starter plan, so all my referrals are on this plan right now.

As you can see below there are 15 Referrals:-

My Progress In Affiliate Marketing

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You Must Know These Thing

It seems like you are energetic to learn and write an article to promote affiliate product but there are several other factors that are involved to make you successful.

When you write an article with an intent to sell your affiliate product than first you need to provide valuable information but it is also important that you should post that article in the proper place and that will be your website and that website need to be speed.

Just Image someone clicked your website from Facebook or google search and it took more than 3 seconds to load your website then what happens.

Speed Matters

Most People will simply not wait for that much longer to read your article and to make your website load as fast as possible, you will need a powerful hosting and it can cost you huge amount but with wealthy affiliate, you will get a hosting (amazon c3) which makes your website load in lightning speed.

For Example, You clicked a link and came to this article and it took less than 2 seconds. So you didn’t exit from my website but think if it would have taken a longer time than would you wait? I guess “NO”

Your Traffic Is Going To Scan

Similarly, Let’s say someone clicked on your website to read your article and came in less than 2 seconds because you have bought a powerful hosting by yourself that is good.

But do you know what most people do when they visit any website?

Firstly they scan your article and see if there is anything interesting that they can learn or not. If there is no interesting headline or paragraph then also they can quit your website immediately.

For Example, You came to this article in less then two seconds and chances are high that you scanned this article first if there is something that you would love to read and learn.

Now if you have come to read up to this point then it means there were a lot of interesting things that you are loving to read and learn. Isn’t it?

What Should Be Your Prime Focus?

Most people who write an article to do affiliate marketing keeps on focusing on selling that affiliate product and end up writing a sales letter which is neither valuable nor important for the reader.

Another blunder mistake that most article writers are doing regularly is writing an article by making keyword as their main focus to bring organic traffic from search engines.

I don’t deny focusing on keywords is bad but if someone focuses on keyword-only then the article will carry no value for actual readers who are going to take action through that article.

My Suggestion For You

Throughout your journey of doing affiliate marketing with the article, there are lots of opportunities and obstacles and without learning and implementing if you just try to write the article and keep on publishing it randomly then you can probably see hard days.

So I strongly suggest you join wealthy affiliate to implement things right after you learn.

There is a free starter plan and even if you don’t have any money to buy premium of wealthy affiliate right now you can still join them for free and learn a lot of things to succeed in affiliate marketing with the article.

Your Earning Potential

Please understand this properly your main target should be bringing organic traffic through a search engine like google to your website.

If you make this thing prime in your vision then you will keep on developing yourself.

However, You can still bring lots of traffic from various social media platforms from day one of publishing your article.

Some of the best traffic sources that can help you earn in your initial days are:-

  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin

My Suggestion: If you are just starting out, I would like to suggest you learn about Pinterest because this platform can give you unlimited traffic even if you are just a new person on this platform.

Key Point To Understand: Write articles to promote your affiliate product by focusing on the main traffic source that is google but as soon as you start to publish your article.

Then share it through various social media platforms that I have suggested you above.

This will motivate you to work from start and you may also be able to get sudden success through these social media platforms in your initial success.

A Question For You

Which traffic source will you use in your initial days? Do you have any idea about the potential of Pinterest?
Comment your answer below and let me know.

JUST GET STARTED: Success is always yours

Pawan Dhakal

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