Affiliate Marketing With Google Ads – Profitable Method

Affiliate marketing with google ads can be extremely profitable if you learn and do it in the way that I am telling you below.

Google doesn’t hate affiliate marketing but advertiser that has absolutely no idea on what they are doing keeps on getting banned and says google hates affiliate marketing.

Basic Reminder

Affiliate Marketing With Google Ads

Google is a search engine that is trusted by people from all over the world.

So google cannot be careless to provide misinformation to people who search for information and solution.

This is one of the prime reasons google ad account keeps on getting banned.

If you are already running ads on google then you may have seen some of these bogus ads which are noway helpful for anyone.

Before knowing how you can run a profitable campaign on google ads, you need to have some basic understanding of what most affiliate marketers are doing wrong.

To understand these things carefully please don’t be skeptical.


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Misconception & Mistake in Affiliate Marketing

  1. When I was just starting affiliate marketing, I literally thought I am just promoting a link and I can make an ad and start to see a profit. This thought gave me a new level of pain in life when I understood this was nothing but a stupid thought. Get rid of this thought if you have in your mind.
  2. Most affiliate marketers research a lot about the product, make a beautiful landing page and promote it with google ads. They have everything in their mind while making ads but they don’t even bother to think that in another end there is a human who is as clever as an affiliate marketer. Thus there are no convincing and trustable words on the landing page which results in no return on ad spent.
  3. One of my friends sent me a sample of his landing page which was very convincing and I thought that landing page was converting like crazy but he told me he has zero sales with google ads. I asked him for the exact link of that landing page and tested the speed of that landing page in GT METRIX and that landing page was taking 7 seconds to load fully which was totally worst.

Important: When I was just starting affiliate marketing with google ads, I was promoting financial instruments like forex, binary option, CFD and so on.

These types of instruments are not beneficial for anyone who has just started to walk in the online world and I was crushing it by convincing them to join the trading platform through my ads.

In 2018 google took a huge decision to not allow advertisement of financial trading instruments and I was helpless on what to do and how to do.

After some while, I joined various other advertising platforms but didn’t get any success and then I realized I was on the wrong path.

Most people had quit at that time to do affiliate marketing but I kept on trying and today I don’t even rely totally on any paid advertising platform because I have my own blog where I get free organic traffic from google.

Conclusion: Don’t just rely totally on any paid advertising, create your own website and put content according to the product you want to promote, provide valuable information and get free organic traffic along with paid traffic from google ads.


What To Use (Landing page or Blog post)

Both are good to use if you are doing affiliate marketing with google ads but there are some advantages and disadvantages of using them.landing page vs blog post

Landing Page Advantage:

  • Easy to create.
  • It is eye-catching.
  • It can be created in less than 5 minutes.

Landing Page Disadvantage:

  • It can be costly.
  • It can load slowly.
  • No hope of getting free organic traffic.

Similarly, Blog posts have also their own advantage and disadvantage and I have listed all of them below.

Blog Post Advantage:

  • You can provide deep and full information on the product.
  • The hope of getting free organic traffic from Google in the future.
  • Development of your content writing skills.

Blog Post Disadvantage:

  • It takes time to write a blog post.
  • It is not eye-catching as a landing page.
  • It’s not hard but you need to learn from proper sources.

Important Thing To Understand

Most people are using Google ads in the wrong way to promote affiliate products. Promoting affiliate products on google ads is extremely simple as blogging.

There is one major difference between blogging and running an advertisement on google ads and you can read about it below:-

You are trying to attract free organic traffic from google, bing & yahoo with the intent to sell your product and services when you are blogging.


You are trying to attract paid traffic from Google with the intent to sell your product and services when you are advertisement with google ads.

What To Do For Success

I absolutely love google ads but I cannot ignore free organic traffic too.

So If anyone asks me how to do affiliate marketing with google ads then my answer is always going to be the same as I am telling you below.what to do for success

See you want to sell affiliate product but chances are high you have no idea about various aspects of affiliate marketing with google ads and you cannot master it within a few months.

In such a case you need to think in a smart way so that you are not wasting your time and effort in the long run.

If you already have a good idea of making high converting landing page then it would be best for you to make the various landing pages and test various offers and scale profitable offers.


If you aren’t an expert in making landing page then I would suggest you start your own website on a particular niche. You can learn about creating your own website and start to write a high converting blog post by clicking here.

I have learned everything about blogging from here and I am on the way to have success in affiliate marketing through both paid and organic traffic.


How To Use Google Ads With Blogging

If you understand it properly then you can clearly see the vision of your success in affiliate marketing through google ads and to use google ads with blogging

You will write a blog post to provide valuable information on a product that you are promoting and then you run an advertisement on google ads to bring paid traffic to your blog post.

Now, you can track whether they are spending time reading your blog post or they are simply exiting without reading and with the help of this data you will start to enhance your blog post by editing or creating other similar types of blog posts.

Throughout the time you will be able to write content that is highly convincing and trustable for those people who are coming to your blog post through google ads.

Furthermore, Google will start to index your blog post for several keywords and you are going to get free organic traffic of the same quality as paid ads from google.

But consistency is important, You cannot just post one blog post and promote it in the hope of getting free organic traffic from Google in the future.

That’s why it is important to select a niche and write various content with low competition keywords.

Build Your Own Audience of 30K People

Let’s say you are promoting affiliate products related to video games.

There are various products in this niche and you wrote a blog post by explaining features of a new gaming keyboard and then you started to advertise that blog post on google ads.

Now you are paying to bring traffic to your blog post and they may buy or not that is not in your hand.

But if you can capture those visitors to become your blog post audience than you can again tell them more about that product or you can tell them about more gaming-related products in the coming days through your other blog post.

This strategy is used by both types of affiliate marketers who are getting traffic through paid ads or organic traffic.

And It is necessary that you should also be willing to build your own audience who trust you because of your blog post and increase your sales by promoting multiple products.

I Am Not Talking About Email Marketing

Email marketing is a good thing to learn and you can use it once your blog starts to receive massive organic traffic.

But for now, we are just trying to write blog posts and promote it through google ads and in such cases, your primary focus should be on selling products by providing valuable information.

OneSignal Plugin

  1. You can easily make a website for affiliate marketing in WordPress by following step by step tutorial in 30 seconds and then you can download & install a free plugin named OneSignal in your website.

They have some simple setup that you can follow from their tutorial or you can watch some videos related to one signal and enable it on your website.push notification

After doing this much your website will start to ask every user that comes to your website to subscribe for your push notification and if they click on yes then you will be able to send them push notifications whenever you want.

With one signal you can build up to 30 thousand subscribers for absolutely free and each time you write and publish a blog post on your website then a push notification is sent to all of your subscribers instantly.

Furthermore, you can send as many push notification related to various products in the same niche to get more sales.

But don’t try to spam your subscribers by sending too many push notification on a single day.

Keep it simple and send push notification once in a day or once in 3 to 7 days for better results.


A Question For You

Did you learn something new in this blog post? (OR)  Are you confused about anything that is listed above?

Comment below and let me know so that I can come up with various other highly informative articles.

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