How To Start Affiliate Marketing With Instagram

How To Start Affiliate Marketing With Instagram

You can promote on Instagram for 100% free and get a conversion on any affiliate marketing or CPA marketing offers.

In this post, you will know exactly how you can start doing it from today.

See in this technique there are two ways to do marketing, one is manually and another is automatic.

Both has its own merit and demerit

But, I personally love to do this type of marketing manually but you can use automation tools like instato to do everything automatically.


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Below you can see I have explained all these steps in a beginner-friendly way that even if you are a person without any knowledge on the technical part will also be able to start doing affiliate marketing with Instagram right after you read this article.



Generally, all type of offer converts on Instagram if you are using this method to promote it but selling low priced or single opt-in offers will make you happy because you will be actually seeing conversion coming but in case of high priced offer it may take a bit longer and this can make you stop using this method.

So, I suggest you go with either low priced offer or single opt-in offer.

I personally have 3 different accounts where I promote a high priced offer in another I promote a single opt-in offer and in third, I promote my website.

affiliate marketing in instagram

This is the actual weekly data from one of my Instagram account.


You can see my post has got a 1790 impression and 122 profile visit along with 28 clicks on my website link.


Now you may think only 28 people visited the link but my friend these people are those who were ultra highly interested in the post that I posted on Instagram and they visited my profile by looking at that post and searched the link and clicked it to go to my website.


This means these people are super motivated to convert most of them will convert if the post I shared matches with the offer and website they visit.

I hope you had a little outline in your mind about how things work.


All the reach, impressions, profile visits, website clicks that I showed you above are only shown on an Instagram business account and if you already have an Instagram account that you want to use for affiliate marketing than follow the steps below.

  • Go to your profile (NOT HOME)
  • Click on three lines that are in the top right corner
  • Click on settings
  • Click on account
  • Click on the switch to the business account

And then follow short instructions and you are done. Now you have an Instagram business account.


If you want to make a new Instagram business account then simply signup for a new Instagram personal account and then switch it to a business account by following the above steps.

affiliate marketing with instagram


Understand this very clearly you are not setting up your Instagram business account for a whole niche instead you will be using it to promote one single offer at a time or multiple varieties of single product or service.

Don’t worry you don’t need to create multiple business accounts to promote multiple offers because you can easily change the account name and links according to the offer whenever you want.

You can use bitly to shorten your website link and in bio use an emoticon to show your link to those who visit your profile as shown below because it increases the call to action.

This screenshot is from one of my Instagram business accounts and this simple bio setup has given me the highest clicks to my website and conversion to my offer.

instagram for affiliate marketing


In the screenshot below you can see one of my posts on Instagram business account that has reached a significant amount of people.

To the point, you can use any image that is relevant to the offer you are promoting and you must include a “Link in bio” tex in that image.

Most importantly it would be best for you to edit your image in canva and get the image to the size of the exact Instagram post.

You should post at least three to six image and yes you can post a single image multiple times by using the Instagram filter while posting the image.

As you can see there is a single image with 6 different filters from Instagram but make sure you do it once a day and exactly after you make this post you start to follow relevant people.

how to promote offer with instagram


You can target relevant people by searching for an Instagram page that is closely related to your offer.

But do not follow all the people who have followed their Instagram page because those people may have followed their page without interest or they may have followed it years before and now they have no interest in those pages or they may not be active on Instagram nowadays.

It would be best for you to see their 10 latest posts and follow the people that have liked those posts. If you follow them using this method then you get follow back in high amount which will result in profile visit and then website clicks and conversion,


Important Note: As you will have a new Instagram business account you can start following 5-10 people per day up to 4 weeks and then start following up to 25-30 people per day to be on the safe side and not getting blocked to follow people for 24 to 48 hour.

Another way you can get follower are by putting a hashtag in your Instagram post but according to my experience even if these methods can bring you, follower, they will not be either from the targeted country or targeted offer.

So I don’t suggest you go with the hashtag because it will not meet the criteria of your aim.


start affiliate marketing


Example of my relevant targeting: I am targeting people who would need a personal loan online so I did some research and found those people who have already taken a loan are most likely to take a loan again and again.

So I searched for an Instagram page called Lending Tree and started to follow those people who have liked their loan-related posts.

This way I got targeted followers back for free along with the satisfying result from Instagram free traffic.


affiliate marketing tips

You may know or not but a website without real-time speed does not bring any conversion because those who click your link are not going to wait more than 3 seconds to see what your website actually has.

But Don’t Worry,

If you already know how to build a simple site on blogger or WordPress then that would also be ok but you will still not get this type of speed that I have shown in the screenshot.

Do not forget all traffic that comes from Instagram is from mobile, not desktop so we need a speed website for mobile.

So I strongly recommend you,

To get a free website from WA free starter plan that will cost you no amount. You even don’t have to submit your credit card to signup on this platform.

If you absolutely don’t have any idea how to build a website than inside WA free starter plan you will find a free “Online Entrepreneur Certification” video lesson.

By following their easy step by step guide you will easily make a high-speed website with a free domain for absolutely free and trust me, a free website with this level of speed is what you need to bring conversion.

Wealthy Affiliate Platform

As you can see WA is a platform specially designed for affiliate marketers for all levels.


With a free starter plan, you will be able to make a website, learn how to choose your niche, learn to make effective content and so on.


They also have a premium plan in which you have the choice to upgrade but not necessary if you don’t want to.

Now let me make you clear that their teaching is really powerful that can make you a top-level affiliate marketer that will most likely generate huge revenue with free traffic from google.

With their premium that cost you $19 a first month if you join within 7 days of signup, you will learn those SEO strategies that you cannot even think of. Read  wealthy affiliate review


While doing free affiliate marketing with Instagram you don’t need high-quality content but you will need content that is sharply focused on the offer.

I have created a demo content for you to get an idea of how to place your links and banner. You can see it by “CLICKING HERE”

It is necessary that you see the content above to understand what I am explaining now.


As you can see inside the content I have written at the start we love to help people because people may think about why someone would provide them information related to the survey site for no reason.

So my first paragraph gave them the reason when they visit my site and that reason is absolutely valid and genuine too.

VALUABLE INFO: Always Stay Away From Scammy Offer To Promote With Both Free Traffic & Paid Traffic.


I have written the name of the offer and exactly after it I have written VISIT OFFICIAL WEBSITE and kept my affiliate link in it.

If you think of it properly then it is clearly denoting that if you want to visit the official site of that paid survey then you need to click here. This will increase call to action


I have kept banner of the affiliate offers without any explanation text because this type of free traffic wants more information in a short time and banner helps them to get more information about the offer and they will straightly go to the offer by clicking on those banners too.

You cannot believe the effectiveness of this strategy until you give it a try. This strategy might cost you time but the outcome you will receive will be worth for your costly time.

You can also present a single offer and put multiple banners with short explaining text inside the banner that also works well and I personally love doing both.



As I have already told you above I do everything manually on Instagram but still, there is a tool called that you can use to do everything automatically.

They provide you a 3 days free trial and it can cost you anywhere from $29 after the free trial.

Instato helps you to make a scheduled post that means if you set up everything for a month you don’t need to turn back and see your Instagram business account for a month.

Furthermore, you can set rules on what type of people to follow, when to follow, how many people to follow per day and so on.

I personally have used instato in past and found it as a great tool for the brand type of Instagram account and I also got some of my Instagram accounts shut down because they were new and the way that my new Instagram business account was following was identified as a bot.

But still, it is an automation tool that is worth learning about and can be used in your favor if you can master it in the coming days.


I will be bringing highly informative and valuable information on Affiliate Marketing & CPA Marketing through out the time.


If you get stuck in your affiliate marketing journey then do visit: and grab the effective knowledge for free and again get started to the profitable journey.

Have any questions? comment below.

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