What Is The Best Way To Start A Blog – Right Now

I am giving you the best way to start a blog right now from today.

You may be confused by the overwhelming information that is available on the internet. Let me tell you, It is not that hard to start a blog and put content consistently.

Best Way To Start A Blog Right Now

If you are a complete beginner chance is high that you have been hearing these terms like Hosting, SEO, backlinks, etc.

You don’t know about these things in the beginning and that’s fine.

See those bloggers who are successful now have also started blogging without having complete knowledge of these types of things.

But they started and consistently added content in their blog which brought traffic to there blog and gave them huge opportunities to earn online.

That’s it this should be your main focus.

Just start it from today with the help of my guide. Push yourself, for now, this is the opportunity you can get rid of all hurdles in blogging.

A real taste of blogging comes when you are able to generate income for the first time through your blog. Believe me, once you tasted this sweet taste in the coming days then no one can stop you to grow rapidly.


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First Thing To Understand in Blogging

This is my blog and you are my traffic. Somehow you came here, BUT FOR WHAT?

This thing is extremely important, you are here because you want to know what is the best way to start a blog, isn’t it?

Now, If I am unable to fulfill your desire by providing you valuable information on this topic then, WHAT HAPPENS?

You will be out of this post and start to search for another article that can provide you information on this topic, isn’t it?

BUT, I am able to engage you up to here because I am providing you information that is extremely valuable on this topic.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You search for something that you need and as a blogger, I try to provide you information on that search term by making it my topic.

Whole blogging game has been revolving in this circle, please understand it properly because you will need to write articles in coming days and if you started a BLOG in the sector that you have no idea or interest. Then you will be upset, stressed and lastly failed.

Let’s Make Your Blogging Website Right Now

Did you read everything above? Please don’t skip anything or you will have hard times in the long run.

CLICK HERE TO SEE STEPS ON: How To Make A Website In 30 Seconds

I have shown you everything step by step there. So follow those steps to make a website right now or keep on reading and after understanding everything follow all the steps.

After reading that step by step guide you will be able to create a website for 100% FREE.

What Next?

By now, you have a website to start writing a blog and you made it for free and easy. I suggest you make your website more beautiful later by following those video lessons that I have suggested you in ” How To Make A Website In 30 Seconds”

Though you have made a website for blogging you need to know about certain important aspects in blogging and those are:-

1. How To Select Niche For Blogging

2. How To Write

3. How To Do Keyword Research

You can click and learn about all three topics.

By, having a clear understanding of how to select a niche, how to write and how to do keyword research. You will be able to select a niche, get topics for your blog by doing proper keyword research and then start writing powerful content either by learning more or with your experience.

Proper Guide For Your Sucess in Blogging

If you have followed all the steps that I have suggested above then you have already gathered proper tools and a strong mindset to start a blog from today.

Now its time to make a vision for your success

You should find your proper interest and select a micro niche for your blog and then you should start to read 3 blogs per day according to your niche by searching on google. This will help your brain to understand the pattern on how to go with the flow. Remember I am not telling you to remember those blog posts from others. Just read it and everything will start to happen in the correct manner.

Your aim should be writing 100 blog posts by targeting 2000 words per blog post in 5 to 6 months. But don’t take any pressure just give it a try and enjoy as much as you can when you are writing.

Once you fall in love with writing then you don’t know how excited you are going to feel when you create content after content.

Help As Much As You Can

Whenever you start to write, one thing should be at the top of your head and that is you are writing to help other people who are in need of help.

Don’t focus on making sales. Focus on solving problems that are related to your niche and suggest your affiliate product for more effective results.

In the end, if you are unable to sell anything there are many other contextual advertising networks that will help you to monetize your blog by placing ads on your site.

So keep on offering help, repeat this process and once you reach that goal of 100 content than everything will be changed for you.

Don’t Just Rely On One Affiliate Program

There are millions of affiliate program so don’t just keep on suggesting affiliate products from one platform. But don’t change your niche until you get to the mark of 100 blog posts.

Once you reach there, then you will become totally different than what you are right now and you are already making money from your blog by this time.

Power of Outsourcing

Don’t be greedy to spend cash on things that can grow the reach of your blog. Now you can start to hire multiple freelancers to write content for you in your niche.

This type of outsourcing will help you grow your traffic because you are putting more fresh content in your blog and your site is getting more authority and attention by now.

What Does Google Want?

I really feel too bad because there are a huge number of people who can provide real value for people through there content.

But most of them have either not started a blog or ignored blogging completely because of some scary terms like on-page SEO, off-page SEO, keyword research and so on.

Understand it very clearly google has the main business and that is to provide high-quality content to the people who search.

So trust me you should mainly focus on providing high-quality content that can help people to overcome their problem.

If you started to do so, Gradually you will start to get many backlinks and that will cover your off-page SEO goal. Furthermore, on-page SEO is not a big deal you can learn at any time from some short videos on youtube.

Lastly, I have already provided you a link above in (what next?) section for the proper way to do keyword research for your blog and sell affiliate products through traffic that will come through search engines.

A Question For You

I know it may be a little vast for you, but I tried my best to make this article totally beginner-friendly.

So that everyone can understand and implement it step by step. So I really want to know your answer to the question below.

Are you starting your blog today or not?

Comment your answer below.

And, if you have any confusion then feel free to ask me in the comment below.

My Well Wishes Are For You To Make A Successful Blog Today.

Pawan Dhakal


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