Can You Really Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Either you are a complete beginner in affiliate marketing or you are trying to make money with affiliate marketing. Only two types of people have this question in their mind “can you really make money with affiliate marketing”.

can you really make money with affiliate marketing

It’s Important To Know

Lots of people have done affiliate marketing but everybody isn’t successful and the main reason for this failure is having to make money mindset in the head.

There are various gurus and mentors who are shouting loudly each and every day by saying this, “you should think affiliate marketing as a business” but who cares everyone wants to make money and keep on failing.

If you are among those people who are not able to think affiliate marketing as a business or you are just wanting or trying to make some quick money, then let me tell you this very clearly you are going to welcome more frustration in your life instead of money.

I am not trying to say that people don’t want to see affiliate marketing as a business. What I am trying to say is they don’t see the proper way, when they are just starting affiliate marketing.

If you are reading this article then I would like to request you to read everything properly because I am going to give you a proper vision that will help you to think it as a business and start affiliate marketing in a profitable way by understanding various proven strategies.


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Why Should You Think Affiliate Marketing As A Business?

Honestly, This is one of the top vision you should definitely have if you want to be a successful affiliate marketer. This vision will help you to create one or more system which you can utilize to make money by reducing your frustration throughout time.

Every business that is successful has a known system that is helping to make the process faster and efficient. If you think of a factory that produces goods. What do you think? Are they only having a vision of making money?

Absolutely not, Before they think of making money they decide a product that they are thinking to produce after that they figure out their market and examine various distributing channels. Furthermore, they will analyze various data to increase their profit in the future by providing valuable service and so on.

Yes, every business end goal is to make money but before making money if you are able to think of it as your own business. Then you will start to search for various strategies to make money with affiliate marketing instead of searching for can you really make money with affiliate marketing.


Top Systems For Affiliate Marketing Bussiness

From the above paragraphs, you are already clear why it is important to think of affiliate marketing as a business. Now to have a mindset of business and execute it properly it is necessary to know about these three systems in affiliate marketing.

  1. System of Paid Traffic
  2. System of Email Traffic
  3. System of Organic Traffic

Every affiliate marketer is using these three systems to make money with affiliate marketing. Lot’s of newbie affiliate marketer has a huge miss conception that they can launch a campaign and start to make money.

If it was that much easy then why would the various companies and product owners start an affiliate program and encourage various people to do marketing for them?

So I would like to request, you just forget about everything, for now, and learn about these systems which are really going to help you make a perfect affiliate marketing business for a lifetime.


System of Paid Traffic

One of the fastest and costly ways to get a huge amount of traffic to your affiliate link is paid ads. There is a various paid advertising platform that you can use to get traffic for your affiliate links. For example:

  • Google Ads
  • Microsoft Ads
  • Facebook Ads

The advertising platform is not limited to these three, there are lots of other platforms that you can use throughout the time but these three platforms can provide you high-quality traffic.

An affiliate marketer has easy access to these powerful resources but they don’t have a system and only thinking to make money which is failing them badly each day.

One Proven System For Your Paid Traffic: Each of these platforms provides you an ability to track custom conversion. This means you can track certain actions that people take on your website or landing page where you have your affiliate link of a specific product. Now you can retarget them for several days to make a sale. In order to do this you can follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Choose one specific high-quality product to promote with paid advertisement.
  • Step 2: Make a website with a product review or landing page & add your affiliate link.
  • Step 3: Add custom conversion to your website or landing page to track it properly.
  • Step 4: Create a minimum of three ad copy to target, relevant users, to your offer.
  • Step 5: Run paid ads and start to collect custom conversion data.
  • Step 6: Retarget people with those custom conversion data.
  • Step 7: Get sales and repeat this process.

If you are a complete newbie then note down these key points and make it a system for your business of affiliate marketing with paid ads and learn about each step through various youtube channels for free.

Don’t make yourself weak if you don’t know how to use those steps. Because once you start to learn and implement it then these steps are so easy that you cannot imagine it right now.


System of Email Traffic

This is another widely used system to make money with affiliate marketing. There are two ways to implement this system and they are:

  1. Solo Ads
  2. Building Your Own Audience

Solo Ads: It simply means you are buying a package with solo ads provider through various platforms like udemy, Fiverr and so on to blast an email by including your affiliate offer and link to thousands of interest-based audience in their email inbox.

You can simply search for a solo ads provider that is relevant to your offer and has a positive review of his/her service. I strongly recommend you to not go with solo ads providers that are providing service for too cheap because most of these cheap solo ads provider is either blasting your offer to irrelevant people or they are sending out cold emails to people who haven’t signup to receive their email.

Follow These Steps To Make Your System:

Step 1: Choose a high-quality offer with a high amount of commission per sale.

Step 2: Search for high-quality solo ads providers on various platforms.

Step 3: Make a record of at least 10 different solo ads providers.

Step 4: Make three high converting email text for offer.

Step 5: Buy package & tell what you want to get.

Step 6: Test 1 Solo ads provider at a time.

Step 7: Get Sales and repeat the process.

Important: Maintain an excel sheet to keep a record of all solo ads provider and determine the quality of solo ads provider by how much sales they were able to provide you.

Don’t delete the record of solo ads provider who was not able to give you a sale. Keep that record to remind yourself that you are not going to use them in the future.

And you can buy more packages with a record of your high-quality solo ads provider list that we’re able to give you profitable sales with the intention to promote other similar affiliate products.

Building Your Own Audience: If you are not interested in using solo ads then there is another way you can set up a widely used the system and that is by building your own email subscribers. To make your own email list you can use Facebook ads and target relevant users through your ads.

There are certain things that you need to know before using this system. You should have knowledge of how you can use email automation software like Getresponse and another important thing is, you should gain proper knowledge on copywriting skills to build trust with your email subscribers.

You can fail badly if you don’t have proper copywriting skills for email sequence but you can learn it from various youtube videos according to your affiliate offer.

Lastly, you will need something like a free ebook or pdf that you can offer for free through your paid ads to make people signup to your email list.

Don’t worry you can find lots of free ebooks that you can use. Just search for it on google.

Here are the steps to follow to make a system:

  • Step 1: Sign up for email automation software like Getresponse to build a targeted email list.
  • Step 2: Create seven days of a relevant email sequence to build trust with subscribers.
  • Step 3: Run a paid ad campaign and offer something for free like an ebook.
  • Step 4: Focus on acquiring the emails list in as cheap as possible.
  • Step 5: Get Sales and repeat the process.

A little bit completed process but it is also not that much hard as it seems to be but it takes a lot of time for you to make this system but you will own all those audiences for a lifetime and can blast as much email as you want in future.


System of Organic Traffic

One of my preferred and most recommended ways that can make you a professional affiliate marketer in the long run.

I have tried all the methods in my life that are related to affiliate marketing but lastly, I totally fell in love with free organic traffic from the search engines that are targeted to bring sales.

With paid ads, you can bring traffic only when you are ready to pay for the cost of that traffic but to get organic traffic you should just be able to provide valuable information to your free traffic through your own website.

I am currently using this traffic to bring sales to my affiliate product and you can also learn how you can do this in the step by step process.

After mastering all types of traffic sources, I started to learn how to bring organic traffic and joined a most genuine program for free and learned their 10 free lessons.

These free lessons helped me to build my own website and taught me how to master this system in such a beginner-friendly way that I cannot express with words.

However, they do have a paid plan but it is not compulsory that you should buy their paid plan but if you can afford it then you should buy it and forget about all the paid traffic sources and start to work on this organic traffic system.

You can see the steps you need to follow:

  • Step 1: Read my honest experience and review what is wealthy affiliate.
  • Step 2: Signup for their free starter plan with my link & connect with me.
  • Step 3: Start learning and make a free website inside the platform.
  • Step 4: Message me directly inside the platform if you need help.
  • Step 6: Learn and start to take action there immediately.
  • Step 7: You will create an online business in 1 year.
  • Step 8: Get sales and keep on publishing posts.

After all, it is in your hand whether you want to make money with affiliate marketing or create an online business that gets free targeted traffic for a lifetime along with the sales of your affiliate product.


Are You A Value Provider?

As I have already told you it is important that people need to trust you whether you run paid ads or start a website to post content. You can surely build trust if you are ready to provide some form of value to the people that you are targeting with your affiliate products.

You can start to provide value from today by commenting below which method would be best for you to start right now. Your and everyone’s success is just a step away from taking proper action to build an affiliate marketing business for a lifetime.

Thank you so much for your valuable time that you spent to read this informational post.

Always Dare Take Right Decision With Right Information

Pawan Dhakal

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