CPA Marketing on Bing Ads Guaranteed Conversion Method

CPA Marketing on Bing Ads Guaranteed Conversion MethodYou can easily run CPA marketing ads on bing and get conversions.

You may have run ads on bing before and not got any conversion but don’t worry.

I am exactly finishing this problem from the root here.

If you are new to bing ads than you should know that you can get $100 ad credit from bing ads if you spent $25 but you need to signup through some special link that you can find by searching $100 bing ads coupon.


If you have never used bing ads before I suggest you read my affiliate marketing for beginners post so you can know how you can learn to make effective bing ads campaign.


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Get Conversion For CPA Offers on Bing Ads: Way 1

If you are a beginner and you want to see some dollar coming to your account then this strategy is best for you.

You will spend less and get conversion easily but you need to understand it clearly that this type of campaign cannot be scaled properly.

If you search and find offers that have no keyword restriction than you can bid on there branded terms.

This means you can target people who are searching for that offer and show them your ads by using exact or phrase match keyword.

For Example: In maxbounty, you can see an offer named SpeedyNetLoan.

If you see in there description you can see they have no keyword restriction and you can use either exact match keyword [speedynetloan] or phrase match “speedynetloan” to promote this offer.

This is just an example you can find many other offers in the various niche if you start searching properly.

Search volume is typically low for this type of offer and you need to bid high but still, you will be spending less and get some $ coming in easily.


Get Conversion For CPA Offers on Bing Ads: Way 2

You should never forget about the human factor when you are promoting any offers through paid ads because, in the end, it is the human that is going to react to the offer that you are presenting through paid ads.

You may not know but paid survey offers in CPA marketing are a gem to promote but most people cannot make it profitable because they don’t think about the human factors.


Day to day people are growing from 17 years to 18 years right?

This means you can target people of age group 18-25 through bing ads and get a huge number of conversion in offers related to the paid surveys.

Chances are so high that people of this age group are not involved in all the available paid survey sites.

Bidding maybe a little bit challenging in this strategy but be very clear you will be using exact match keywords because in bing ads if you are using exact match keyword you are most likely to increase your CTR and decrease your PPC.

In this strategy, you can start bidding from 0.10 and gradually increase it day by day until you don’t get proper impressions and clicks.

Also, try to make eye-catching ads that are relevant to the offer.


Get Conversion For CPA Offers on Bing Ads: Way 3

This can be a little bit difficult for you but it is worth trying.

Problem Solving Keywords: let’s say you have tinnitus that means you are hearing unnecessary noise that is making you irritate.

Now if someone presents you with a solution to this problem chances are high that you are going to buy that solution for this problem isn’t it?

In this way, you can use problem-solving keywords for various CPA offers. Example of a problem-solving keyword: tinnitus cure

Buying Related Keywords: Buying related keywords are those keywords that itself carries the high potential to convert.

People who are using buying related search terms are already motivated to buy products or services that are being offered and if you can present an offer unique and valuable than others ad by using Ad 3 technique than you will be able to get the conversion.

An example of this type of keyword can be: buy instant keto


Easy Way To Make High Converting Ads

In bing ads, you can create multiple ads and it is always the best choice for you to make at least three ads for one campaign and I am going to tell you how exactly you can make ads easily that carries maximum potential.

Ad 1: Search for similar ads with those keywords that you are going to use in bing and get one ad copy that is absolutely in the top position of google (not in bing).

This is one of the easiest and effective ways because you can easily copy all the words from such ads and make your Ad 1.

Ad 2: You may not know but there is an email text that is already available in the email section of many CPA offers.

Most of the offers have email text that you can find by selecting the promotion method as email.

Actually these email texts are generally used to promote offers through email marketing but you can make extremely converting Ad 2 for your campaign with this technique.

Ad 3: Generally people visit the landing page of the offer to make ads but just by visiting the first page of the landing page you will not be able to make a high converting ad.

You need to visit the second page of the landing page if possible and for this, you can use a VPN.

To be honest, if you visit the second page of the landing page then you will find a whole new perspective of offer that you can present in your Ad 3.

Important: It is not the hard and fast rule to make three ads all the time and you can make two or even one ads in a campaign.

I am telling you this because you will not be able to use these techniques all the time. For example, a CPA offer doesn’t have email text then you can go with the other two ads and so on.

All The Best Go Get Some Conversion

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