How To Do Keyword Research For SEO And Ranking on Google

How To Do Keyword Research For SEO And Ranking on GoogleThese are the simple ways to do keyword research for SEO and you can implement it immediately after learning about it.

Most people have been finding low competition keywords by using this strategy to rank their content at the top of the search engine.


You may not know but every word you are writing in your content is a form of a keyword.

But with the traffic coming from those irrelevant keywords inside your content will not be beneficial for you.

Because they may be searching for other things but came to your website, so they are surely going to close your site and that will increase your bounce rate which can result in lowering your rank.

This is the actual reason you need the main keyword that can be the backbone of your content and help you rank your content for a targeted search query.


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Which Competition Keyword to use?

There are three types of competition in a keyword and they are High, Medium and Low.

A new blog or website should always be targeting low competition keywords as a backbone of there content because in these types of keywords there is a low amount of content that is already available on google.

So you can write valuable content with low competition keyword and easily rank on google.


You shouldn’t ignore medium and high competition keywords.

As time goes on and your site starts to bring traffic from google then you should start to write content on medium and high competition keywords and display those content in the menu or sidebar.

This will further help you to rank on medium and high competition keywords too.


KGR – Keyword Golden Ratio Method

One of my favorite and free way to research a low competition keyword is Keyword Golden Ratio.

I have also seen most people are claiming by using this KGR method they were able to rank 2 content out of 10 within some weeks even with there new website.

To use this method you need to have some potential topics that you can write content on and if you don’t have a topic you can search it in google instant or Google related searches.

Let’s say you found a relevant keyword but don’t know about its competition.

Now you can find how many others have written an article on the same topic. To do so use this format in the google search bar

allintitle: keyword

Below you can see that there are only 5 websites that have written content on this particular keyword.


allintitle keyword


Above screen capture has shown you how many sites are using this similar keyword in their title in any order.

To understand the KGR method

Let’s assume for now 35 sites were using this keyword as there title.


Visit uber suggest’s and you can see the traffic volume of that keyword. Let’s assume there is 140 traffic volume.

You can now use KGR formula Total Number of Sites divided by Total Traffic

35/140 which is equal to 0.25

And anything below 0.25 is the best keyword that you can find and easily rank on google with your valuable content.

An important thing to understand: It can consume a lot of time but it is a freeway and if you are a newbie in keyword research then you should focus on writing more content on keywords that have less than 300 sites showing in allintitle search.


Jaaxy For Real Low Competition Keyword

Jaaxy is one of the best keywords research tools that I have been using to get low competition keywords easily. They are paid keyword tool which you can test drive it by joining wealthy affiliate which I recommend must to everyone who needs organic traffic in real.

You can search up to 30 times absolutely free but more than that their tutorial on keyword research will help you level up on searching low competition keywords for a lifetime.

However, if you are a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate then you can use jaaxy lite without paying the extra buck.

Here is how I used jaaxy lite to find my blog keyword for this article.

jaaxy lite keyword research


I wanted to write an article on how to do keyword research. So I logged in to my wealthy affiliate account and searched for this term exactly ” how to do keyword research for SEO”

Now Jaaxy Suggested me a lot of keywords that are of low competition and matches my phrase but I was in search of keyword that could make grammatical sense itself along with low competition.

I chose “How To Do Keyword Research For SEO And Ranking on Google” because it was grammatically correct, makes sense and most importantly it has low competition.

My title for this content is exactly the same as you can see above.

I knew this keyword has low competition by seeing the following metrics in Jaaxy Lite:

  • Avg: Average Traffic Volume of Keyword – 88
  • Traffic: Amount of Traffic I can receive If My Content Rank on First Page – 15
  • QSR: Number of Website That Has Used the Same Keyword in Same & Different Order – 24
  • KQI: It is a Quality Indicator of Keyword – Great
  • SEO: 100 is the best 1 is Worst. High Chance To Get Ranked With – 93 SEO

I further evaluated my keyword with an allintitle search and found only 5 websites have written content on this keyword.

Note: You may be confused by seeing 93 SEO but let me make you clear it is not the SEO difficulty. In Jaaxy more the SEO score more good that the keyword is.


Can You Rank On Google?

Yes, you can rank on google but it depends on what actually you are submitting to google in the form of content.

If you are submitting trash content that you are yourself not clear about than forget about ranking instead they will penalize you sooner or later.


If you are submitting information that is helping people to solve their problem or get answers to there query than after some while as your site grows older and you keep on submitting valuable information through your content than nothing can stop you from ranking.


Keyword Can Fail You

Yes, Keywords can fail you too. You may have good knowledge on a topic that you are going to write and you are not writing content because you haven’t found that keyword which you think can rank your content.

Remember even if you found that holy grail keyword of your thought than also your content that you are going to write may not rank at all.

So doing keyword research is a good thing but only doing keyword research for that perfect keyword has failed many individuals so never forget the main thing that searcher and even google want is highly informational quality content.

What’s Your Thought?

Which keyword research method would you think be more valuable for you to use?

Did you find this content useful for you?

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