How To Select Niche For Blogging

How To Select Niche For BloggingYou will be able to select the right niche and blog on it for life long by following this process.

Blogging in the right niche can always make you feel better instead of having stress.

You should always choose a micro-niche over broad niche to start blogging.

A micro niche is way too easy to get started.

It is not just your problem it is the problem of everyone who is just getting started.

You may be thinking about niche from profitable prospective however each and every niche is profitable if you start to provide genuine information and value through your blog to people who are seeking that information.


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Facebook Can Help You Select Your Niche

Finding your actual interest and blogging in that is one of the proven strategies to get success in blogging and it is not so hard to find your interest through Facebook.

Facebook Can Help You Select Your Niche

Firstly, If you start to think about the sectors of your interest then you may find you have a wide variety of interest but if you look at your social media like Facebook you can find your actually interest that you can start blogging on.

See facebook itself is utilizing interest targeting options in Facebook ads. Now think why would Facebook do that?

Facebook has already found out that people become more reactive to the post, picture and offers of there interest. So if you understood what I am telling than you can find it by looking at your activity log, groups you have joined or group chat you have joined in Facebook.


you can manually think about those posts where you gave your point of view in the comment by spending your valuable time.

For example, I love affiliate marketing, make money online, SEO and whenever I see such post in my newsfeed I start to react either by learning or by giving my point of view.

Now the thing is I may not be a master in all three but I still can start blogging in these niche for a lifetime.

Because I am totally reactive to these kinds of topics and gradually what starts to happen is even if I don’t know about the subject that I want to write a blog on then I will be more than happy to learn it from several other blogs.

And if I found some information that I think can provide massive value to readers than I wouldn’t think twice and start writing content on it.

Selecting your niche should be way easier for you this way if you can implement it and niche selection should not consume more than 1 day of your life.

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Select Niche and Content Flow

This is another way that can totally help you to select your niche and also make you understand how you should blog for your success.

Simply write down all of your interest in a paper and think it as a keyword or search term and start searching it on google.

Once you do so you will be able to see there are lots of blogs that already exist in the field of your interest.

Now you can read those blogs with the aim to find what kind of offer those blogs are promoting and evaluate whether you can write an article with those types of topics or not.

Researching this way may take a bit of time but you can surely find a blog that has already written many articles that are related to the field of your interest.

When you find that one interesting blog which has written many articles on the same niche then you can start studying that blog properly and see what type of blogging strategy they are using to generate sales.

Once you can map a blogging idea by reading that blog then you can now start to study other blogs for more ideas on content and start writing your own powerful niche content using a similar strategy.

Reminder: Don’t misunderstand I am telling you to copy strategy, do not copy content/article.

Selecting Wrong Niche = Failure?

You may be in fear of selecting a wrong niche and it is natural if you are just starting to enter blogging but if you ask me have you selected the wrong niche then my answer would be no.

I started to write content on 2 different niches at the same time and failed badly. LOL

1. Daily Horoscope

2. Option Trading

To monetize this niche I had bought 3 different Adsense account with the website and started to write unique but trash content that actually has no intent to provide value to readers.

Honestly, I didn’t have any idea about horoscope but I use to write whatever I could think in daily horoscope but I did have good knowledge on option trading but I really never felt so good about writing content on options trading because 96% traders who trade option are always going to lose their money.

Most people may look at it as if I have failed in those niches but from my point of view I was learning amazing thing that was going to help me create another niche blog that has one and only intention and that is to provide genuinely valuable information to readers and recommending those readers to wealthy Affiliate platform that can help them to become a pro blogger step by step.

My Suggestion For You: One Product Niche

Even in micro-niche, you will have the ability to promote multiple offers from the same niche but I strongly suggest you master blogging by promoting a single product that can be extremely useful for your targeted readers.

This will help you grow faster because you will not be wasting your time on choosing products that you don’t have any idea about.

Also, you will be able to write more articles that can directly benefit your readers which will increase your authority.

Furthermore, you are always clear about your end goal and that will increase your focus on building a sharp strategy to bring sales and conversion in your niche.

What do you think?

Which niche selection strategy are you going to use anyone from above or all?

Do you think you can find your niche today?

Tell me in the comment below so I can know about your POV.

Keep Learning Keep Growing

Pawan Dhakal

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