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There are several ways to utilize your writing skills and After reading this post you will have a proper vision on how to write and earn money online. If you want to be successful online by writing then you need to start writing with intent because If your article or content doesn’t have proper intent than it can carry less value.

How To Write And Earn Money Online

Writing With Intent

Intent carries a lot of meaning in the writing industry but to understand it in a simple way, you can write content to make readers take some desired action by providing them valuable information.

A content with intent carries great value because it genuinely suggests users to take some action that can lead to some profit for the person who is providing that content.

For Example: Let’s say you are writing a review of wealthy afilliate program and you are writing this content with the intent to provide information on this program and at the same time you are suggesting people to join this program to make money online from free traffic by writing content.

Now anyone like you and me who is interested in writing and earning money online reads your content and signup to wealthy affiliate program and buys a subscription after getting a free starter plan. Then you can earn a certain percentage from what that person pays to the wealthy affiliate for life long.

In order to earn this way you need to first signup to wealthy affiliate and get a special link to promote it which will cost you $0 until you don’t want to buy their paid subscription.

If you follow their 10 lessons that you will get for absolutely free by signup for their free starter plan than you will be able to make your own website, you will learn more about writing and publishing your content to get free traffic from google, bing & yahoo.

Furthermore, they do have a paid plan where they will cover everything related to earning money by just writing and publishing articles on a regular basis. If you can consistently write than you can create an online business and keep on generating revenue for a lifetime.

What If No One Buy?

Risk comes when you don’t know what you are doing. But I am writing this content to provide you extreme level of value so you can have a clear vision on how to earn money by writing.

Now chances are already high if you are interested in writing content to earn money online then you will signup to wealthy affiliate.

But what if you and all other readers that are reading this article didn’t signup to wealthy affiliate through my review link that I have already provided at top of this article or let’s say many readers did signup but didn’t buy any subscription of wealthy affiliate because they are well satisfied with free starter plan that cost them $0 and no commission for me.

Am I finished?

No, I am not finished. If the articles that I have spent hours to write to make people take specific action will not and never become wastage.


If I am not able to earn commission this way then I will go to the next level and signup for Google AdSense account and start monetizing my articles from ads that Google will show on my website.

And I will keep on adding more content with the intent to bring more free organic traffic from search engines like google, bing & yahoo.

How Does Google AdSense Work?

Google AdSense is a program that is operated by Google to provide publisher (website owner) to monetize and earn money from the free organic traffic that is coming to the publisher’s website through various search engines including social media like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.

Traffic with intent is also important

As you have already understood why writing content with intent is important. So you need to understand traffic with intent is also important.

However, you do not have full control over what your article readers are going to do on your website. Either they may click the ads or they may not notice those ads from google.

But you do have control to focus on traffic that is coming to your site. I strongly suggest you focus on bringing free traffic from search engines like google yahoo & bing because google loves to show the ad to these types of traffic and will not put ad serving limits to your website which can have a huge impact on revenue that your website could generate.

Google AdSense

How Actually You Earn From Google AdSense?

Google will not pay you for all the traffic that is coming and reading your article. They will pay you when your reader clicks on the ad that Google is showing on your website in several places.

Are You Understanding The Game of Writing?

Firstly you are writing content with the intent to bring readers to your website to take the desired action and that is to signup for the wealthy affiliate program.

They didn’t signup but clicked the ad that is being shown in your site by google and you earn from those clicks. But you may be wondering why would someone click on the ad that is shown on your website by google.

See google itself has all the data of users like what they were searching in google previously and google starts to show them ads that are highly related to their previous search.

So most users coming to your website will end up clicking in those ads to fulfill the desired action for google AdSense.

What If You Get Too Low Clicks On Ad?

There is an extremely low chance that you do not get a good amount of clicks on an ad by writing powerful content with intent. However, you always need to have a vision on if this doesn’t work then what you need to do next.

And I am giving you the vision that you can have for longterm in your journey and earn money online forever by just writing.

Aren’t you feeling excited?

I am getting excited to share with you about the next powerful platform Our Next Plan For Earning By Writing

If you can write and provide value to your readers then no one can stop you from earning with your writing skills not even google can stop you from earning.

media net

Let’s say google didn’t approve your application for AdSense or kept on putting ad serving limit to your website then you can go with that will pay you for the impression that ads from receive from your website.

Google AdSense will pay you for clicks that they are getting from the ads they are showing on your website but will pay you for impressions meaning they pay you if people are seeing ads on your website. is a platform that shows ads on your website from several advertisers including advertisers from Bing & Yahoo.

And this should be in your vision as a backup for google AdSense. I strongly suggest you go with google AdSense first and then if anything goes wrong with google AdSense you can happily go with

Hundreds Of Earning Backup Plan For Writer

A writer should write informational content with intent by focusing on selling something if it doesn’t work than monetize that content with Adsense if that doesn’t work monetize it with but what after that?

As I always say there is not an end for a writer that starts writing as a beginner and keeps on evolving through time and becomes a pro writer.

And monetization for these writers are always available if all option available above fail to generate desired revenue you can search for hundreds of other ad networks that can help you show ads in your website and here are some example of those ad platforms:-

  • Propeller Ads
  • Revcontent
  • Exponential
  • BuySellAds
  • HillTopAds
  • AdBuff

Let me again repeat it for you these are only some ad network, there are more and more ad networks that you can keep on joining through times and test which could generate you good income.

Additional & Huge Benefit of Owning Site & Writing

Through times you are going to be more professional in writing and your website will start to get more and more attention. Then chances become high that you can get special offers from various professionals and companies to write and publish an article about them on your website.

This type of offer carries a high potential for your earning and the best part is you don’t even have to write any content they will supply it for you.

You just need to check it and if it complies with your terms and condition than post it to your website and get the earning that you respectfully deserve for all the hard work.

Writing & Getting Paid $50 Plus For 1 Content

Yes, it is absolutely possible for getting paid $50 per article with the freelance platform and I am going to tell you exactly what you need to do to get paid that type of amount by writing an article.

But I want to strongly warn you do not fall in the trap of shiny object syndrome by becoming a stupid cheap writer for a couple of bucks.

Value is important and you shouldn’t jump to earn this amount until you think you are capable to provide value to those who offer you this amount to write content through freelance.

Here are some of the freelance site you can join to get started:-

  1. Upwork
  2. Fiverr
  3. Freelancer

top 3 freelancer site

These are some of the top freelancer platforms in my eyes. You can make an account with any of them and here is the thing you need to do. So that you can get hired easily from people who are hiring thousands of writers per day.


1. You need to join wealthy affiliate and learn some basics with their free starter plan that costs $0 and make your own website in wealthy affiliate and learn how to write the best content. You can join there premium it will help you to become successful in writing content with intent & gives you all the tools that you need for your writing and earning journey.


2. After you know how to write a 2000 plus words article that is highly engaging, SEO friendly and grammatically correct with the help of wealthy affiliate then you should post one article per day or one article per 3 days. Whichever suits you. Try to aim for writing 100 articles in several months (5-6 months is better).


3. After publishing that much article you will be getting a good amount of traffic on your website, you have proper knowledge on how to write content with intent and most importantly you are experienced in writing content.


4. After that, you need to write an article on “How I Write Content That Ranks on Google”  and expresses everything with your experience so that a person who wants to hire you becomes happy to hire you.


5. In about me section of your freelance profile inside freelance platform writes your description in an engaging way by following on-page SEO rules. This is very much important because if you cannot write an engaging and SEO optimized description about yourself than what will you write in the content for those who hire you.


Lastly, you can see there are lots of people posting on I need this article I need that content in a freelance platform. Check there minimum bidding and apply with $50 plus bid and if there is a comment section write a comment in a professional and eye-catching way about that specific topic.


If you can make them feel shocked about their topic in comment believe me your bid will surely win.

Now you may have a doubt why would they hire you instead of people bidding $20?

Here is my answer:- Those people willing to pay a higher amount for 2000 words article know what they are doing. They want extremely high-quality content because they have seen positive results from such quality content in the past.

They don’t want stupid content for low prices. They will always prefer high-quality content so you are going to be selected most of the time.

You Don’t Need To Write For Your Whole Life

Yes, that’s true you don’t need to keep on writing for your whole life. Once you master the game of writing, you can then hire various freelancers to write content for you.

You will start your journey from writing content as a beginner and become a master of this game throughout your journey. You just need to learn from the lessons that are already available in the wealthy affiliate and implement it immediately after you learn and keep on repeating this process. More you repeat this process faster you will start to become a master in writing.

Get started Today By Reading My Review of Wealthy Affiliate HERE.

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Share your experience with me. I would love to know you honestly.

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