How To Write Article For Affiliate Marketing

How to write article for affiliate marketingYou will be able to write 1 article per day for any affiliate marketing product easily if you follow my suggestion properly.

You want to learn how to write an article for affiliate marketing.

so it is also necessary that your article must bring you sales and I am going to provide you the exact article writing strategy that you can use from today and write 1 article per day without being upset by thinking how to write.


Your Targeted Keyword in Topic

If you don’t know how to find a targeted keyword then I suggest you read keyword research for SEO first.

After reading it you will be able to find a topic that you can write an article by including keyword in the topic and rank on google.

This is very much important because if you don’t have a specific topic than you may start to write about one thing and end up writing about another thing that you and your reader would not love to read.

You must be clear about the topic if you are not clear about the topic than it would be very stressful for you to write.

Conclusion: Find a topic that you understand well.


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1 Hour Rule To Write Article

Spend your starting 30 minutes by making an outline of your article. Just imagine how an artist starts drawing.

First, he thinks about the picture in mind and then makes an outline with a pencil and then fills it with color, isn’t it?

It is called process and you should also have your own process to create an article for affiliate marketing which you can use every time and speed up your writing skill.

For your first 30 minutes make outline like this:-

  1. Write down your main topic – Title.
  2. Write down up to 4 subtopic  – Subheading.
  3. Write a conclusion at the end – 5th subheading.
  4. Encourage people to comment by asking a question from your article at the end.

Now, You have an outline of your article.

So you can now set a 30-minute timer and start writing content don’t think about anything just answer all the questions that you have made in the form of title and subheading and see the magic.

Keep Reading There is more to know…

Description and Relevant Image in Top

As you can see above I have used 1 relevant image (300*300px) on the right side of the top below my title and wrote a  small description on the left side of that image so that my readers can know what they will understand if they read this article.

This is what you should also do, firstly provide a short description of what information this article has or what your reader can accomplish if they read your article.

Secondly, Use a relevant image at the top because we humans are visual creatures. We always like to see first and if that can grab our attention than only we start to read.

Write As If You Are Telling

Your key to writing a highly engaging article is by writing as if you are telling a person to make him understand as clearly as possible.

To do this, think that a person has asked you a question related to your sub topic and start to answer him in your article as if you are telling him with your mouth.

Never write words that sound robotic For Example: “Special skills are not required to be a good writer” instead write in this way as if you are telling someone For Example: “You don’t need any special skills to be a good writer”

This is important because that small voice that regularly speaks inside with us in the brain has a habit to increase focus when words like you and your are involved.

Don’t believe me?

Imagine and talk with the help of that small voice in your brain and make some statements as if you are making someone understand something.

Do it now

Did you realize? Was it able to increase your focus and make you feel a bit good or not?

Comment below what did you experience?

Important: Your reader will use the same small voice in the brain to read your article and they will feel engaged and good while reading your article if you do so.

Be Genuine Provide Value

You may have heard it before people buy from people they trust. If you haven’t heard it then go and read it again LOL.

People can easily differentiate either you are trying to help them with your article or just trying to sell them. You need to understand this very clearly if you want to sell then

Provide Genuine information not fabricated truth, Give them valuable information that can help them in real and at last you can suggest them a genuine product that can add value in there life in real. ( Your affiliate product must be genuine and related to the article)

Always Write Conclusion At End

You should always write a conclusion at the end and ask the reader what they think about your article but if you have already asked some questions inside your article then you don’t need to ask it in conclusion.

Why is it so much important?

I have heard once someone had given a statement that he writes an article of 1000 to 2000 words but it ends up being 40,000 words. I was like that may be a joke


I am sure you also didn’t know this but google and other search engine count those words in the comment as your article length.

That is why you need to ask a question and encourage readers to put a comment.

You Can Be More Successful This Way

Let me tell you clearly that even if you have understood what you read above, it may become a bit hard for you in starting but if you keep on practicing you can easily master writing a high-quality article for affiliate marketing in 1 hour.

Article writing is one part but there are various parts on affiliate marketing that you need to learn and if you want to be a genuine affiliate marketer that can drive traffic from Google to their website and make sales consistently then I suggest you read my wealthy affiliate review.

I personally have learned all these techniques from them and these I shared with you are some.

Their lesson on doing affiliate marketing with organic traffic is so powerful that cannot be compared with any other thing.

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