How To Make A Website For Affiliate Marketing?

How To Make A Website For Affiliate Marketing

You can make a website for affiliate marketing in 30 seconds by following my step by step guide. You will pay $0 to make a high-speed website with a free domain.



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Start Making Your Website in 30 Seconds

Don’t get shocked it really takes just 30 seconds and some clicks to make a website for affiliate marketing. Just read the instruction below and see the image that is below instruction and follow it step by step and make your very own website with your own hand. (woohoo)

Important: If anything popup in your screen different than the process I am showing you below just look for the cancel or cross sign and close it.

Click On Website

To start making your website, just see the red arrow in the picture below and click on websites.

Click On Website

Click On Build A Website or Site Builder

As you can see two arrows below one is showing you Build A Website and another is showing Site Builder you can click on one. I suggest you click on Build A Website.

Click On Build A Website or Site Builder

Click On Free Domain

Every website needs a domain it is a unique address or name assigned to your website so click on the free domain as it is clearly shown below.

Click On Free Domain

Choose A Domain Name For Your Website

Type a domain name as you can see below I have written my domain name “itsmysite” so my free domain will be

Choose A Domain Name For Your Website

Enter A Title For Your Website

Write a title for your website in my case I have written my website tittle Its My Site. You can write any name that you want but remember it will appear at the top of your site and it can also be changed later.

Enter A Title For Your Website

Click On Build My Site

(Ting tong) Excited? With one click on this button “Build my website” your website is going to be ready with zero cost.

Click On Build My Site

Awesome Your Website is Ready

As you can see below your website is ready now. Just click on “Login Now” and you will be logged in to your own website and now I will help you to make your website look better so that you can start writing content to promote your affiliate links.

Awesome Your Website is Ready

Visit Your Website

If you have followed all the steps than it is your right to see a raw preview of your website.

Just click on Login Now as shown in the picture above.

And Then

Put your cursor in the website name as shown in the picture below then you will see a visit site text, just click on it.

Visit Your Website

Below you can see this is what your website looks like for now but don’t worry you own a high-speed website of your own.

Keep reading below and you will make your website beautiful. Just keep on reading.

This is your website

Now let’s Make Your Website Beautiful

I have guided you step by step above to make a website and trust me this website is fast and awesome but you will need to design it a more to make it look beautiful.

To do so you need to be in your wealthy affiliate account


click on training and then click on continue here as shown in the picture below.

Make Your Website Beautiful

You don’t have to worry about anything it will cost you $0 and you will get 10 free lessons that are powerful and I have listed it below. With these lessons that are mentioned below, you will learn to make your website beautiful and you will also learn how to do affiliate marketing in a proper way.

  • Getting Rolling
  • Understanding How To Make Money Online
  • Choose A Niche
  • Building Your Own Niche Website
  • Setting Up Your Website
  • Getting Your Site Ready For Search Engine
  • Creating Your Initial Website Content
  • Creating Custom Menus On Your Website
  • Understanding Keywords
  • Your Next Step

Here is Your Key To Success

your key to success in affiliate marketingI use to be there where you are now searching for a way to make a website for affiliate marketing.

I had gathered a lot of information in my head but also I was unable to make a website and then I hired people to make a website for me and was very happy.


My happiness didn’t last long and felt like I was scammed because when I checked the speed of my website, it took like 14 seconds to load and as per my knowledge at that time people would only wait for a website if it loads in 3 seconds to see the content in any website for maximum.


That was the first time I came to know about hosting. More expensive the hosting more speed your website will be.

When I checked the price of fast hosting I felt like I need to quit making the website but still, I wanted to try and continued with no income hope and my slow website that loaded in 14 seconds.

After some while, I decided to purchase expensive hosting and I asked for the help of my friend to guide me to buy an expensive hosting than he asked me this question: Do you know how to do SEO?

I was like what the hell is SEO?

He told me SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a procedure to optimize your website to rank your website in google and he kept on explaining to me about various things related to a website that I have mentioned below.

  • On-Page Seo
  • Off-Page Seo
  • Image Optimization
  • Content Writing Technique
  • Micro Niche

At that time I understood I knew nothing and I was really in need of help to guide me all through this and I searched for more information on google.

Fortunately, I found this Wealthy Affiliate program and signed up for a free starter plan and watched there 10 lessons.

I was like oh my god this is exactly that what I was searching for because I already knew what is the essential knowledge that I need to learn and implement to become a successful affiliate marketer.

This is my story and trusts me if you want to become a successful affiliate marketer and drive traffic from the search engines like google, bing, yahoo.


Get your key to success by learning from there 10 free lessons it is going to cost you nothing you don’t even have to submit your CC.

Just signup with your email address and start your 10 free lessons from today. You will surely experience the power and knowledge of Wealthy Affiliate.

Make a Successful Affiliate Marketing Website

When you searched for something on the internet last time what was your intention?

The obvious answer is genuine information that can help you to learn or accomplish something isn’t it?

Now understand this very clearly it doesn’t matter how beautiful your website is if you can’t provide genuine information that can help people than success in affiliate marketing with just a beautiful website will be impossible.

Always Remember This

Be Genuine and always tell the truth to people through your website if you really want to be a successful affiliate marketer.

You can sell anything from your website if you become truthful because people absolutely love to hear the truth about everything including you and me.


Comment below if you feel what I taught you here is valuable.

Best of Luck

Pawan Dhakal

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