How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

I am going to give you exact information on free and paid methods that you can start following from today and achieve success in affiliate marketing.

All I am sharing here are my personal experience that has worked for me and it will work for you too.

As an affiliate marketing beginner, you need to be clear about the small difference between affiliate marketing and CPA marketing.


  • AFFILIATE MARKETING: In affiliate marketing usually a company or actual owner of the products/services invites people to promote there stuffs and it is compulsory to bring sale or paid subscriptions to get your commission as per agreement For Example Amazon Associates.


  • CPA MARKETING: In CPA marketing usually company, owner or individual put there offer inside a platform from where people can grab their link and start promoting that offer and it is not necessary that you need to make the sale because there are offers that pay you even if you can bring free sign up to the offer. For example Max bounty

But no matter which marketing you are actually interested in, what you will get is a link that you need to promote either with paid ads or organic traffic.

So Let’s understand about the traffic source that you can use to bring maximum conversion and become profitable.

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I will be explaining each traffic source and how you can master them to become profitable day by day. So make sure you don’t skip any words packed with massive value that I am providing you for free.


A word of caution: In most cases, a beginner in affiliate marketing always makes this huge mistake of getting results faster and totally avoiding free organic traffic from various search engines.

What I want to tell you is you want results faster that’s great but don’t ignore the free traffic that you can get life long even if you don’t have money to promote with paid ads.


  • MICROSOFT ADS PAID TRAFFIC: Previously it was called bing ads and this is one of the most lucrative sources of paid traffic where you can target older age group audiences with relevant offers and get a lot of conversions. But it is a paid traffic source and you will need to learn first on how you can run ads in this platform and I will show you exactly how you can learn to run ads in this platform within 1 video which I had watched and made $10k plus in revenue. Before that, you should know you can get Microsoft free $100 ad credit to advertise if you spent $25 in advertising.

affiliate marketing bing ads tutorial

Above you can see a YouTube video picture and this video tutorial is made by Anthony Alfanso who always provides massive value to affiliate and CPA marketer.

If, you watch his 1-hour video and follow each step along with his instructions that you will be able to launch a high-quality ad inside Microsoft ads.

You should trust me in this because when I first watched his video and followed all the steps after 2-3 try I was bringing huge conversions.

I even posted those results on social media at that time which I am showing you below.

affiliate marketing success

  • FACEBOOK ADS PAID TRAFFIC: Who doesn’t use Facebook each and everyone are there whom you can target with the relevant offer and get the conversion. It is also one of the top quality traffic sources a little hard but not impossible to master. If, you want to learn how to do Facebook ads to get conversion in affiliate marketing as a beginner that I recommend you to watch YouTube videos of Colin Dijs. Especially the video that I am showing you in the screenshot below.

affiliate marketing facebook tutorial

If, you watch videos of Colin dijs that are guided in a beginner-friendly way and follow his instructions you will easily be able to run Facebook ads with affiliate products and start getting conversions.

Important note: In the above video Colin Dijs is using email marketing techniques so if you don’t know about how you can build an email marketing list then don’t worry he has covered every aspect that you will need in case of running paid ads with affiliate and CPA products.

Here is my result that I have posted on social media by following some video tutorials of Colin dijs and if you follow it you will also get results like this.

learn affiliate marketing


  • GOOGLE ORGANIC TRAFFIC: This is one of the easiest and absolutely free traffic sources that you can use for your affiliate marketing journey. You just need to find a problem that people are facing and write an article by including your affiliate link inside the article. If, you don’t know anything about how and where you can write an article that you can join a wealthy affiliate by clicking here for absolutely free and learn each and everything that you need with there 10 free lessons as you can see in the picture below.

affiliate marketing for beginners

With there beginner-friendly video lesson you will be creating your own website and know exactly what type of article you should write to get free traffic from Google and other search engines. Furthermore, you can join their premium which would cost you $19 for one month if you join within 7 days of sign up.

And you should trust me you will not find a service like this anywhere else that will guide you step by step with video lessons to make your own site that you own and can get free traffic for a lifetime with help of your article.

This platform is specially designed to solve all the problems that an affiliate marketer can face in there journey from start to finish. So even if you don’t want to join their premium at least join their free service and take advantage from today. You can also read my wealthy affiliate review or

If you are thinking “Pawan Dhakal didn’t provide any proof related to wealthy affiliate” then my friend you are yourself a proof because I didn’t pay a single penny to bring you to this article, you somehow came here and you are reading my article you are organic traffic for me and this is because I am following everything that I am learning from Wealthy affiliate.



affiliate marketing strategy for beginner

You can be successful in affiliate marketing by becoming honest and providing genuine information to people who are seeking it.

If something is good that you say it is good but don’t fall in the trap of making money by providing fake information or fabricated truth to the audience.

People always love to hear the truth about products/services they are thinking to use and if you are the one who continuously provides information based on facts then, believe me, my friend, you will have that level of success which you cannot think of now.

Always present your article or ads in such a way that it can grab the attention of your audience and it is also an important factor because if you cannot grab the attention that you will never be able to tell them what you want to tell even it is a 100% true thing that you are telling.

And most importantly your experience that you will get over time by trying and failing.

See it is a fact that no one has ever become successful without failing so don’t let your self out of the business by facing some failure.

I have failed many times in the past and I do fail now also but I am absolutely sure from the beginning that I am not going to quit and in a matter of times I kept on trying and started to get results that I always wanted.



best tips for affiliate marketing beginners

When you begin to gather information on affiliate marketing then you may get into the trap of over information that can lead you to not taking any action.

No matter how much you keep on learning if you don’t take any action then you can never know what works and what doesn’t work.

I strongly suggest you go after that information and videos that can guide you to take action in easy steps by step process because if you keep on watching information that is not complete but only covers small aspects of affiliate marketing then you will keep on getting confused.

I am not saying you that small information is trash and you can utilize that information later when you are able to create a profitable advertisement yourself or bring organic traffic through your article.



If you really want to be successful in affiliate marketing then I strongly suggest you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate free starter plan and then make your own website by learning about keyword research and writing the high-quality article in your website with help of the free 10 steps by step lessons inside Wealthy Affiliate.

You can also message me directly inside the wealthy affiliate platform if you get confused or have any query related to affiliate marketing and platform.

I promise to reply to you within the same day to answer all queries each and every time.

start doing affiliate marketing

If you want to run paid ads in Microsoft ads then I suggest you go with the videos of Anthony Alfanso.

I can tell you confidently that you will be able to make the best ads to target relevant users for relevant products if you follow his instructions in videos.

Lastly, if you want to run paid ads on Facebook you can fully trust Colin Dijs.

You will be able to make ads on Facebook and collect lead to make your own email marketing list and promote relevant offers to your email list.

But I want to warn you while following Colin dijs never promote sweepstakes offer with Facebook ads by following his videos because it may bring a lot of conversions and profit to you but sooner or later you will get banned from advertising in Facebook and there is a reason Facebook does so and that is sweepstakes are Grey hat meaning it is not fully allowed to run in Facebook.

Start Taking Action From Today:

What do you think about this article? was it helpful for you or are you confused at any point above?

Tell me in the comment below and I will surely answer your query.

You can also suggest to me if you think I should cover any topic in affiliate marketing and thank you for your valuable time I hope it was utilized well.

“My good wishes are always with you”


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