Review of Wealthy Affiliate Program

Review of Wealthy Affiliate Program

This Review of wealthy affiliate program is completely based on my own experience and everything I have stated here is true.

Review Name: Wealthy Affiliate


Price: $0.00 Starter Plan

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Overall Rank: 98 out of 100

Wealthy Affiliate Program: Overview

Wealthy Affiliate is all about learning all the essential knowledge and implementing it at the same time with the help of tools available inside wealthy affiliate to get free organic traffic that is targeted according to your offer.


They have everything backed up for you from creating an SEO optimized website to creating highly effective content that brings engagement, sales, and conversions. Furthermore, they provide you each and every tool that you will need to build a successful business online through free organic traffic from search engines.



As you know everything that exists has its own good & bad part. So, the wealthy affiliate program has also its own good and bad part which you can read below.

The Good Part: The top good part is they guide you everything step by step through there video lesson which anyone can understand easily. Furthermore,

  • Your website will be hosted in powerful hosting Amazon c3.large (faster).
  • You will be able to create your own template to write content without being bored.
  • You will be using the worlds most advanced keyword research tool.
  • You will be in a community of people who holds a huge share of organic traffic.

The Bad Part: Actually it would be wrong to tell that it is there bad part but when I first started I was not a complete beginner so I found there initial content was not for me like adding plugin, heading tag tutorial, using affiliate links in content and so on.

because of these simple tutorials, I was going to be skeptical to learn more about other tutorials but somehow I engaged with other interesting video lessons and found they have the capacity to provide massive value. So I want to personally suggest you keep it in mind before being a skeptic.



Wealthy Affiliate program is for you and those people who want free organic traffic from search engines to there online business by mastering every aspect of Affiliate Marketing & SEO in such a simple way that you cannot imagine it right now.

You can understand it in this way also you will be getting every tool you need and you will get all the knowledge that you need and implement it all step by step with there easy video lessons.

Furthermore, they run one online classroom per week where they make you understand about one specific topic and the latest news on affiliate marketing & SEO. All those online classroom videos are recorded and you can watch it whenever you want.



Some of the tools that you can use to build your very own website inside wealthy affiliate are as follow:

wealthy affiliate review


Site Manager: Here you can check the health of your website.

Site Builder: Here you can build your website in 30 seconds.

Site Domain: Here you can buy or transfer your domain with some clicks.

Site Content: Ultimate content writing platform to write high-quality content.

Site Comment: Here you can get real comment according to your content.

Site Feedback: Here you can get feedback about your site from the community.

Site Support: Here you will get all technical support related to your site.

But this is not the end there are other tools like JAXY lite for advanced keyword research that helps you to find low competition keywords which help you to write content on topic that are most likely to rank on top.



To be honest there are all the training available that you can think of:-

  • Creating SEO Optimized site
  • Creating High-Quality Content
  • Choosing Your Niche
  • Purchasing & Transfering Domain
  • Backlink Strategy
  • Centralizing Affiliate Links
  • Conversion Oriented Strategy
  • Mastering PPC Advertising

and there are many more if I kept on writing this post will be full of training lists which you may not like too. But most importantly all these teaching are absolutely genuine and easy to implement.


Wealthy Affiliate Support

See you can get two types of support here one is from wealthy affiliate support and another is from the wealthy affiliate community.

Wealthy affiliate itself replies to your query within some minutes but you can get a wide variety of answers from the community too.

This means you will have two options either to send support a message directly or to post your query in community and you should trust me I have nowhere found this level of support from any community that I had been in past.


You can even connect with various like-minded people inside the community to discuss and share the idea or make good friends or who knows maybe future business partners.


You may have faced some shocking upsell in past but with wealthy affiliate program you shouldn’t take any tension about shocking upsells whatever they offer you are clearly stated in big words and that provides you details about pricing before you make any purchase.

Below you can see the pricing details of wealthy affiliate:

  • Starter Plan: $0.00
  • Premium Plan: $19.00 First Month (only if you upgrade within 7 days)
  • Premium Plan: $49.00 Per Month

Wait there is more,

  • 20% Saving (6 Month Plan): $234 Only
  • 39% Saving (1 Year Plan): $359 Only



With my experience in affiliate marketing, I can confidently tell you that I can identify things that are genuine and can help people succeed.

Previously I use to help fellow affiliate marketers privately but now I have started to help all affiliate marketers through these free blog content which I have named after my own name Pawan Dhakal.

You may not know me and you can learn about me by clicking here

but understand this very clearly I never recommend things that actually haven’t worked for me and according to the experience I have with wealthy affiliate program, I can clearly say you it actually works and this is what you need to join and start implementing there teaching.

Additional Perk: I have already joined their premium and if you join by clicking Message Pawan below than you can message me for a lifetime with any question inside Wealthy Affiliate Program – Message Pawan


Wealthy Affiliate At a Glance

Name: Wealthy Affiliate


Owners: Kyle & Carson

Price: $0.00 Starter Plan

Overall Rank: 98 out of 100

My Verdict: Legit

Comment below if you have any questions.

All The Best From:

Pawan Dhakal


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