Wealthy Affiliate Review – Everything You Need To Know

In this wealthy affiliate review, I am showing you everything that you need to know about wealthy affiliate so that you can decide on your own if wealthy affiliate can be beneficial for you or not.

This wealthy affiliate review covers everything that I wanted to know when I was just starting out to research about wealthy affiliate before signing up with their free starter plan.


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Below you can see the list of topic that is available in this wealthy affiliate review:-

    1. Why You Can Trust My Wealthy Affiliate Review
    2. Wealthy Affiliate Cost
    3. How To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate
    4. Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories
    5. Wealthy Affiliate Training
    6. Wealthy Affiliate Scam or Legit – With Strong Evidence
    7. Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?
    8. Free Resources Inside Wealthy Affiliate
    9. Any Special Skill Required In Wealthy Affiliate?
    10. Wealthy Affiliate FAQ
    11. About Special Bonus – Worth ($10,000)

Why You Can Trust My Wealthy Affiliate Review

It is important to know on what basis a review is written and you should also evaluate the person who wrote a review is trustable or not.

Basically review is written in two ways and they are:-

  1. With Personal Experience.
  2. By Researching Other Similar Reviews.

The quality of a review highly depends upon these two factors. If someone is writing a review with personal experience then chances are high that you will get everything you want to know.

But If A Review is written by researching other similar reviews, Information is of low quality.

You can trust my wealthy affiliate review because I have written everything from my personal experience and If you compare my review with any other similar reviews then you will find a huge difference in the quality of the information.

There are two main reasons I will show you below so that you can trust my wealthy affiliate review:-

1. I have bought their yearly premium which costs $359.00/year and I know exactly what they have inside wealthy affiliate.

Why You Can Trust My Wealthy Affiliate Review


2. I am consistently making money online each and every day from the various platforms, so I know what works and what doesn’t.
affiliate marketing earning

As you can see in the screenshot. I have made a post on 24 October 2019 at Facebook which has got 99 Likes & 72 Comments.

I just love to share helpful information that can actually help people to take a specific action.

And This is my second strong reason to assure you that you can trust me and my words in this review.

You are going to get each and every information that you need.



Wealthy Affiliate Cost

It is a smart move to know about the exact cost when you are reviewing any products or services.

So below you can see all the cost details of wealthy affiliate.

However, one thing I absolutely love about wealthy affiliate is that they will never try to upsell you anything.

    • Official Website: wealthyaffiliate.com
    • Free Starter Plan: $0.00
    • First Month (If upgraded within 7 days of signup): $19.00
    • Monthly plan: $49.00
    • 6 Month Plan: $234.00
    • Yearly Plan: $359.00

How To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate

In simple words, wealthy affiliate will help you to build an online business that will generate income for you.

They will teach you everything in a simple way and you will be able to build your own website and promote various affiliate products.

Once you build your website then they will teach you to write valuable content on your website by targeting low competition keywords and this will help you to bring free organic traffic from search engines like google, bing, and yahoo.How To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate

Furthermore, They will also teach you to earn money online from Google AdSense with the help of your website, which is getting free organic traffic from various search engines.

They will also teach you to get traffic from various social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and so on.

This is not the end, They have a huge community of people who started with wealthy affiliate in the past and most of them are highly successful generating over 5 figures on a monthly basis.

They are always helpful to answer your queries and they have their own blog post inside wealthy affiliate and you can learn each and every knowledge that you need throughout your journey.

Furthermore, Wealthy affiliate itself run weekly online classroom which is recorded and kept in the classroom section.

There you can find knowledge on trending topics that are currently going on in the online world

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

People in wealthy affiliate love to share their success stories.

There are thousands of success stories that I can post here to show you, but I have chosen some recent and exciting success stories.

They all were once a newbie who didn’t have any idea how they can start an online business that can generate revenue for them with free organic traffic.

1. Someone got 26 sales on amazon affiliate products and posted it as a success story in wealthy affiliate blog.

And I was busy writing this content to help you decide whether wealthy affiliate is beneficial for you or not.


wealthy affiliate success stories


2. Everything changes when you get your first sale online. If you are able to make 1 sale online than gradually you will be able to make thousands of sales like that one sale.


wealthy affiliate success stories


3. Wealthy Affiliate has made her capable to make her first sale online and It does have its own affiliate program which you can also promote by being a member of wealthy affiliate.


wealthy affiliate success stories

Wealthy Affiliate Training

There are two main training that you will get in wealthy affiliate and they are:-

1. Online Entrepreneur Certification (5 courses With 50 lessons): It has basically 5 courses and 50 lessons. All of these courses are in the form of both video & text.

You will be implementing everything right after you learn. Wealthy affiliate has backed up everything for you to create and optimize your website.Wealthy Affiliate Training

If you implement everything that you learn from the lesson in Online Entrepreneur Certification than within some months you will have a much higher chance of getting free organic traffic to your website along with profitable sales.

This course is specially designed to give you knowledge on how you can sale affiliate products from various affiliate programs like amazon, ShareASale, ClickBank and so on. (with free organic traffic from a search engine).

Most Importantly with Free Starter Plan, you can have access to Getting Started Level 1 Training For Free.

Once you complete all the 27 tasks in that training then you will have your own website and a strong foundation for success.



2. Affiliate Bootcamp (7 courses With 70 lessons): As I told you before you can also promote wealthy affiliate after you signup and become their member.

This doesn’t mean you are forced to promote wealthy affiliate. You can promote any affiliate product that is available in the world according to your niche.wealthy affiliate boot camp training

However, most of the training in wealthy affiliate Bootcamp is a little bit different than Online Entrepreneur Certification training.

This Bootcamp course is specially designed for those who select their niche as make money online or affiliate marketing itself.

For Example, I am actually taking this Bootcamp training and as you can see I have reached up to phase 3 and completed all tasks from that phase.

I chose this training because I have profitable experience in affiliate marketing and I can provide massive value to the audience in this niche.

Important Thing: There is no need of hurry to take all the course because you need to complete several tasks on the go [making website, finding low competition keywords, writing content, joining affiliate programs, learning from success stories and so on]

So, Just relax and gradually learn and implement everything step by step and your hard work will pay off one day and your website will get ranked on the 1st page of google which will bring you profitable sales.

Wealthy Affiliate Scam or Legit – With Strong Evidence

I am trying to give you a proper understanding of whether wealthy affiliate is a scam or legit. So, I strongly request you to read all these 3 sections that are listed and explained below:-

  • SECTION 1: Wealthy Affiliate is a scam in case
  • SECTION 2: My Short Story
  • SECTION 3: Evidence

You will have a much better understanding and can figure out whether it is a scam or legit after you read all 3 explanation below.

SECTION 1: Wealthy Affiliate is a scam in case

If you are already able to bring organic traffic from search engines to your website and you are making a good amount of sales in affiliate marketing from that organic traffic than I would suggest you stay away from wealthy affiliate.

Because wealthy affiliate is exactly teaching these things and If you are already able to do so on your own, then there is no need to join wealthy affiliate.

My intention is to bring people to the wealthy affiliate who really wants to make an online business with the help of step by step tutorial available in wealthy affiliate and If you have already done so on your own then wealthy affiliate might sound like a scam for you.

However, I want to share a short story, how I exactly figured out whether the wealthy affiliate is a scam for me or not.

SECTION 2: My Short Story

I always investigate properly before investing in anything and I too had a huge doubt whether this wealthy affiliate is a scam or legit. I started to search for various reviews on wealthy affiliate.

It took me a long time to figure out because I was not finding the exact answer to my questions about wealthy affiliate.

Finally, I found one review which answered all my query with evidence and I joined wealthy affiliate from the link that was provided in that review.

I really liked that person who wrote such a detailed review that helped me to clear all my doubts. I was really impressed by his words and evidence. I was just thinking If I could get more guidance from him and on that same day.

I received a message from him inside wealthy affiliate and I asked everything that I wanted to know and he was so kind to answer all my queries.

As you know, I have already provided each and every information in detail, that can help you to decide whether wealthy affiliate is good for you or not.

And If you are still unclear about something then you can MESSAGE ME directly inside wealthy affiliate platform by signing up through this link>> Free Starter Plan – Message Me

SECTION 3: Evidence

I am promoting wealthy affiliate because It has helped me to generate results by teaching genuine things. So I want to show you a proof on how many referrals, I am getting to my 30 days old website.

As you can see below, I am able to get 15 people signup through my affiliate link and 27% have already set up their account.

I was able to produce this result because I applied everything that wealthy affiliate is teaching to me. I am providing as much value as I can through my website.


Wealthy Affiliate Scam or Legit


This is not the end, Wealthy affiliate further helped me to learn and produce good results in the CPA Affiliate marketing platform (Maxbounty).

In 2019, I was able to make $50K revenue through paid ads in CPA Affiliate marketing with the help of some free and paid training.

But I started to get frustrated when various advertising platform like Facebook, google, bing started to banned ad account of several affiliate marketer.

At that time I strongly started to think about organic traffic and after I joined wealthy affiliate everything changed for me.

I started two websites to promote wealthy affiliate & CPA affiliate products separately. I am also using paid ads to bring sales to my CPA affiliate marketing products and here is the recent result of those promotions.


wealthy affiliate scam or legit

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

It depends on what are your expectations from the wealthy affiliate. If you are expecting to get rich quick then It is worthless for you.

But If you want to create an online business through your effort and step by step guidance from wealthy affiliate than it is worthy for you.

Wealthy Affiliate has a free starter plan that is 100% free and with this free plan, you will have the ability to create 2 free websites with free Siterubix domain.

Furthermore, You will learn and implement things that are listed below with a free starter plan:-

  1. How to create your own website in 30 seconds.
  2. Choosing a profitable niche.
  3. Optimizing your site for search engines with various free tools.
  4. Creating initial content (Privacy policy & About Us).
  5. Creating custom menus on your website.
  6. Understanding keyword to write content.

Anyone who has an interest in making online business, for themself should at least give it a try. It cost you nothing except your time in learning and implementing with free starter plan.

And I am so sure If you can decide what is good for you in life then you will find out wealthy affiliate is worth it and you will be thankful to the wealthy affiliate for making such awesome training.

Free Resources Inside Wealthy Affiliate

There are some resources that you can use with no any extra cost inside wealthy affiliate and they are:-

For Free Starter Plan

  1. Free Siterubix Domain + Hosting & 2 Free Website
  2. Free 30 Searches In Keyword Tool Jaaxy
  3. Highly Active Community

For Premium Plan

    1. Free Siterubix Domain + Hosting & 25 Free Website
    2. Amazon Aws Hosting (powerful & faster)
    3. Unlimited Searches In Keyword Tool Jaaxy
    4. Highly Active Community + Free Ready-Made Training From Profitable Members
    5. Weekly Live Classrooms

Any Special Skill Required In Wealthy Affiliate?

You may be unfamiliar with several terms that I have mentioned in this review and even If you have zero knowledge on these terms. Then also you can start building your online business with wealthy affiliate and start to make money with affiliate marketing as a beginner.

Because In wealthy affiliate everything happens step by step which will give you a crystal clear understanding of everything.

It would be like you will be learning one lesson and then immediately implement it on your website easily.

But, You do need two things that are not so special but It is compulsory.

    1. A Laptop/PC with an internet connection.
    2. You must know typing in the English language.

Wealthy Affiliate FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are the most important FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) that is important to be aware of.

This will help you to eradicate most of the confusion that you can have in regards to wealthy affiliate.

Does Free Starter Plan End After 7 Days?

NO- You can use a free starter plan for a lifetime but if you upgrade your account within 7 days of signup, then you will get a 61% discount for the first month to learn & explore everything about the platform.

Can I Cancel Paid Plan and Return To Free Starter Plan?

Yes- You can do this anytime with one click inside the billing section of wealthy affiliate.

Do I Need To Submit Credit Card Info To Signup?

No- You can signup through your email address. You don’t need to submit any credit card info.

Why is Wealthy Affiliate Free To Join?

They have a longterm vision, So they will first show and help you to build a basic foundation of online business with the free starter plan and then if you think you can continue, then only they want you to join their paid premium plan.

This is a highly effective strategy of wealthy affiliates because they know, If you can’t make money from their training then they will also not be able to make money from you in the long run.

How Long Will It Take For Me To Make Money?

Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme. So, If you followed their training step by step and implement their teaching with ease of mind then I can assure you that you will create a revenue-generating online business within the next 6 – 12 months.

How Much Money Can I Make With Help Of  Wealthy Affiliate Teaching?

The sky is the limit. But If you follow their teaching properly then you can generate a full-time income and don’t need to work in other sectors.

About Special Bonus Worth ($10,000)

I always seek for an additional special bonus whenever I join or pay for my self-education.

So how can I not give a special bonus to all of them, who are putting their trust in me.

Wealthy Affiliate itself has everything you need but you can grab this opportunity of a special bonus worth $10,000 for free.

I have excellent experience on making money with affiliate marketing and I am sending several tips and tricks on a regular basis to those who have joined wealthy affiliate from the button below:-


wealthy affiliate special bonus


Check out some of these success stories. There are many more success stories inside wealthy affiliate. 


wealthy affiliate success stories


You may be thinking that how these tips and tricks (special bonus) would be worth $10,000.

To understand this properly, you need to think about a business that has proper strategies to maximize revenue.

You will be earning from your website in the coming days but that’s not enough.

You need to maximize your earning and those tips and tricks will help you to develop top-level strategies to achieve your goal.

However, You will still get lots of tips and tricks in your initial days that will help you to grow your website as soon as possible but for that, you need to make a foundation of your online business with wealthy affiliate teaching.

A Question For You

Was it hard for you to understand this review or is there any question that you think I should include in this review?

If you have any, then kindly comment below and I will update your suggested question in this post. So that people looking for wealthy affiliate review finds everything they need to know.

Lastly, Thank You so much for giving your valuable time to read my wealthy affiliate review.

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