Affiliate Marketing With Facebook Ads

If done in the right way then affiliate marketing with Facebook ads can be extremely profitable. You need to have a proper mindset and strategy to run profitable Facebook ads for the longterm.

In this post, I’ll show you the proper way to do affiliate marketing with Facebook ads.

affiliate marketing with facebook ads

Affiliate Products To Promote With Facebook Ads

You need to think about a good return on investment while running Facebook ads to promote affiliate products.

So, It is the best thing to choose affiliate products that has a recurring revenue model of payment.

It means if you are able to make someone signup to a platform. Then you’ll get paid for a lifetime until that person stops doing the transaction in that platform.

Choosing this type of affiliate product is one of the smart decisions you can take for your success in affiliate marketing with Facebook ads.

You don’t even need to promote to make sales directly. Instead you can attract them for free trails or demo. So, It can be far easier for you to convince someone to try before they buy through Facebook ads.


Create A Trustable Facebook Page

Most people create a random Facebook page to run Facebook ads but you can think of creating a brand.

You can promote one product or multiple products of similar type through that page.

People buy from people they trust. You need to practically implement things to gain the trust of those people who visit your Facebook page.

To do this, you need to post valuable information around the affiliate products that you are trying to promote.

This information should be genuine and shocking for people. You can do some research and find things that are more interesting and packed with value.

It’ll help you to get more sign up whenever people want to learn more about your page by seeing your Facebook ads.

Additionally, Your shocking and valuable information can be shared by various people which can bring additional signups for you.


Decide Your Budget For Facebook Ads

You need to decide on a fixed budget for a particular campaign to get the best results while doing affiliate marketing with Facebook ads.

People often make mistakes while deciding a budget to run Facebook ads.

decide your budget for facebook ads

I have seen people running Facebook ads with a $5 per day budget and they stop their ads when they don’t see any result within 1 day.

Facebook itself takes a minimum of 3 days to fully optimize your campaign.

I would suggest you decide the budget for a minimum of 3 days.

Let’s say you can spend $100 on Facebook ads for 3 days. Now you can decide a minimum ROI of $30.

This means you are expecting a profit of 30 cents by investing $1. Now you can make a campaign and see the result of your campaign.

If you are able to get a good amount of sign up then you can create another adset and start to scale the campaign according to your budget.

You’ll not see income at the start but within some weeks you can analyze whether those sign up are becoming a paid customer or not.

If yes then continue to scale. If no then stop that campaign and launch another campaign with different ad copies and targeting.


Types of Landing Page To Do Affiliate Marketing With Facebook Ads

Facebook does not allow you to use affiliate links directly. So, you must use a landing page to do affiliate marketing with Facebook ads.

  • Sales Page
  • Squeeze Page
  • Product Description/Review Page
  • Your videos Tutorial Page

You can use any type of landing page from above. Now lets understand about all of these landing pages.

Sales Page: simply means a beautiful page with design, image, video and text.

This type of page is focused on convincing people to sign up or buy affiliate products by clicking on the button that has an affiliate link.

You can use any paid landing page builder like clickfunnels to build the sales page.

Squeeze Page: is a type of sales page but it consists of a signup form where people must submit their email in exchange for some free ebook or information.

Once they enter their email then you can redirect them to your sales page or to your affiliate products directly.

You can use those captured emails to promote similar affiliate products in the future. However, you do need an email marketing software like Getresponse to build an email list.

Product Description/Review Page: If you don’t know how to make a website, then you can join my suggested affiliate marketing training and you’ll be able to make a website in 30 seconds with a free domain.

But if you know how to make a website and add a domain. Then you can make the blog posts by writing product descriptions or reviews. You can use this post as your landing page to do affiliate marketing with Facebook ads.

Your videos Tutorial Page: You can make a video tutorial by recording the computer screen. You can also hire someone from freelancing sites like Fiverr, To make a video tutorial for the affiliate product that you are going to promote with Facebook ads.

You can use that tutorial on your sales page or blog post. This type of landing page can be best among all because people love to watch videos instead of reading text.


Make Ad Campaign This Ways

You can hire someone from a freelance site like Fiverr, To make a short video clip that is interesting and highly related to your affiliate products.

This video must have a strong CTA (call to action) because it can make people click on the link to visit your landing page.

You can create a Facebook ad camping by selecting a link click or landing page view as your objective.

make ad campaign this way

Always make two adset and use video ads in one adset and image in another. It will give you a clear understanding of what can perform well.

After creating two adset make 3 to 5 different ads and use a variation of headlines and description.

Testing is the key to success. You need to find out which headline is performing well and launch another campaign by combining images, videos and headlines that are working well.


Targeting Tips For Success

If you want better results then, you need to target and show your ads to Facebook newsfeed only.

While selecting interest targeting you need to think of various angels.

If you are promoting affiliate products that can help people to build an online business.

Then you should think in a creative way. Most people would commonly target business owners and entrepreneurs as their target.

But you can think of people who have been in 9-5 jobs. Most people don’t like their job and If you can help them by showing a way to create a business online. Then they can become your potential customers in the coming days.

Another way, You can target those business owners whose market is saturated. They are always looking for some genuine stuff that can help them to create a side business.

You can think of various angels on targeting and create ad campaigns accordingly to become successful in affiliate marketing with Facebook ads.


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