Learn How To Do Affiliate Marketing Successfully

Instead of thinking about how to do affiliate marketing, you need to think of what you are actually interested in.

There are millions of affiliate marketing programs that you can join right now and start to promote their products/services.

How To Do Affiliate Marketing

Most people search for high paying affiliate programs, that is a good thing. But If you cannot make enough sales, then that is a huge problem in the long run.

In this post, I’ll guide you exactly how you should do affiliate marketing to become a successful affiliate marketer.


Know Your Field Of Interest

You need to find your core interest. Because you’ll be able to select the right niche if you are able to know about your interest.

For Example: If you are interested in bodybuilding and doing exercise on a regular basis. Then it is your core interest and you have more knowledge in this field than any other.

This is extremely important, you cannot just keep on promoting random affiliate programs without proper knowledge.

Most people who are failing in affiliate marketing are doing this mistake and aren’t able to identify why they are not successful.

Find your interest by thinking about what kind of topic attracts you in social media or what are you doing on a regular basis that makes you feel good.

Note down all of your core interests and start to search for affiliate programs according to your interest.

know your field of interest


Finding Affiliate Programs According To Your Interest

It is so simple to find affiliate programs. Just search in google and you’ll realize, there are hundreds of affiliate programs that you can join.

Before joining make a list of affiliate programs according to your core interest.

For Example: If your core interest is bodybuilding. Then you can search in google by just typing, bodybuilding affiliate programs.

In a similar way, you can search for various affiliate programs according to your core interests.

After that you can note down these affiliate programs right below your core interest.

But be aware and don’t forget to check these things in an affiliate program:-

  • Types of Available Payment Method.
  • How Often They Pay ( Payment Frequency).
  • Minimum Threshold.

At this phase you have a list of your core interests and below those interests you have a list of affiliate programs.

Now its time to decide about the promotion method.


Choosing the Best Promotion Method

If you want to be successful in affiliate marketing then you need to think about how to do affiliate marketing for the longterm.

You should also have a proper vision about either you want to use paid traffic or free traffic to promote affiliate products/services.

Once you decide your best promotion method. Then you should make a strong decision to stick with that method for at least one year.

Don’t keep on changing your method of promotion or you’ll put yourself in a situation of quitting affiliate marketing in the long run.

Choosing the Best Promotion Method

If you stick to one way of promotion for at least one year then you are going to become a master in that method of promotion.

You can decide your way of promotion by having proper knowledge of both promotion method from below.


Free Ways To Promote Affiliate Products

There are several ways to promote with free traffic. Some of the best free traffic sources, that you can use are Website, Youtube and Social Media.

In the case of social media, you can use Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook Groups, Twitter, Linkedin and so on.

free ways to promote affiliate products

Below You’ll learn, how to do affiliate marketing with some of the best result producing platforms.


Affiliate Marketing With Website

You need to write content/articles on a regular basis, If you want to promote affiliate products through your own website.

You’ll start to get free organic traffic after some months that can result in sales.

There is an extra benefit of doing affiliate marketing this way.

Let’s say you are not able to make any sales through your website in the long term. If such conditions arise, then you can use various contextual ad networks like Google AdSense to monetize your website to earn passive income.

If you want to start your affiliate marketing journey in this way then you can join my recommended affiliate marketing training from the menu section above.

You’ll be able to make your own website for free and learn more essential things, about promoting affiliate products with your own website.


Affiliate Marketing With Youtube

If you don’t get any sales while promoting affiliate products with youtube videos then you can monetize it easily after having 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time in your videos.

Affiliate Marketing With Youtube

If you are promoting physical products than you can make several videos by showcasing those products or by telling about the benefits of those products.

But If you are thinking to promote digital products then you can make videos by recording your computer screens. You can describe those products or provide some special bonus to increase sales.

Furthermore, you can see other youtube channels to learn how they are promoting affiliate products through their youtube videos. You can have a clear understanding once you see how to do affiliate marketing in this way.


Affiliate Marketing With Social Media

You can do affiliate marketing by using an Instagram business account and Pinterest business account.

Firstly, you need to make a landing page. You can use any free or paid source to make landing pages like bloggers or clickfunnels.

After that simply create an Instagram business account and start posting pictures that have valuable information and use hashtags to get more reach. You should use the link of your landing page in your Instagram bio.

Now those who are attracted to your picture are most likely to visit your profile and click on the link that is available in your bio.

However, You can also write “Link in bio” in your picture that you are posting on Instagram account to increase more link clicks.

Following people who are most likely to be interested in the product is also one way to get more link clicks.

You can follow the same steps as Instagram to promote affiliate products with Pinterest.

However, there is one additional benefit of using Pinterest and that is the ability for people to visit the landing page directly by clicking on the picture.

This can help you to get more visits and sales through Pinterest.


Affiliate Marketing With Paid Ads

Here you’ll learn how to affiliate marketing with paid ads. Before choosing paid ads as your method of promotion, you need to think of the expense.

Paid ads simply mean you are going to pay for the traffic that is coming to your website/landing page through advertising platforms.

In this form of promotion you are only going to get traffic until you are able to pay. So it is important to think about it properly.

You can use various advertising platforms that are listed below to promote affiliate products/services:-

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Microsoft Ads
  • Native Ads
  • Push Ads
  • Pop up/under Ads

Another Important thing yo need is paid ad spying tools like AdPlexity.

You can spy on various ads that are related to your affiliate products that are running for a long time through paid spying tools.

It will help you to decide which advertising platform you should use and what type of ads you can make to maximize your profit.


Your Vision On How To Do Affiliate Marketing

Before you start, you need to have a proper vision on how to do affiliate marketing. So it is important to decide today to avoid failing tomorrow.

Know your interest, select affiliate programs, choose your way of promotion and then stick with it for longterm.

My suggestion is at least for one year.

After you stick to one certain way by having a proper vision. Soon you’ll start to evolve and become an expert. You need to trust the process and be ready to start your affiliate marketing journey.


What are your thoughts?

What are your fields of interest and Which method of promotion are you willing to use for the longterm?

You can comment below and let me know. I will reply with more insight for you.


If there is any confusion than also you can ask me below and I’ll make sure to reply with proper and related answers on how to do affiliate marketing.

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