GetResponse Review 2020 With Pros and Cons, Features, Pricing

If you’re seeking the best GetResponse review on the internet today, then you’re in the right place. Email marketing has become quite important in 2020, more so than it was in earlier years. It is part of the digital marketer’s toolkits in ensuring that they generate leads, close such leads, and make the required sales that would grow their business.

Statistics show that the total number of email users in 2019 clocked the 3 billion mark. That’s definitely a crazy number and a stat that every serious online marketer should take advantage of. Every day about 62% of email campaigns are opened on a mobile device. Therefore, if you’re just taking a cursory glance of these numbers and not doing the needful, you would be left behind and your potential customers would be captured by more proactive marketers.

In a survey carried out in the US, 27.6% of the respondents reported checking their email 1-5 times a day. Therefore, email marketing is an effective marketing tool. If one is aware of what devices consumers are using to communicate, it makes a whole lot of sense to approach them on such tools. GetResponse email marketing tool offers you just that option. Does your business involve mailing a long list of customers and clients? Then you will find this tool an indispensable addition to your list of marketing tools, if you really want to convert those leads and turn them to loyal customers. We will be taking a detailed look at GetResponse, its pros and cons, features, pricing and general effectiveness as an email marketing tool.


What Is GetResponse?

GetResponse is a comprehensive email marketing software that allows businesses to maximize some multiple and varied functionalities with it, such as:

  • Create mailing lists where they register information into it.
  • Create a newsletter that can be mailed to all subscribers on their mailing list.
  • Create an autoresponder feature, whereby mails can be automatically forwarded to your subscribers, lessening the hassles of doing that manually.
  • Analyze statistics concerning your email marketing drive, such as open rate, click-through, forwards and other such analytics.

Over the years, GetResponse has managed to renew themselves and the services they offer. Asides email marketing as one of their prominent solution, they provide webinar hosting, automated sales funnels, landing pages and a bit of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) compatibility.


A Brief History

GetResponse first came into the scene in 1998. It was created by its current CEO, Simon Graboroski in 1997. He started out with the aim of creating an email marketing platform that captures mailing list and sends out automated emails to customers at set times. When it was launched in 1997 as an autoresponder, little was known of this email marketing tool. By 1998 it had its own domain and office set up in Poland.

Continual growth efforts ensured that by 2004 GetResponse had grown enough to employ about 6 employees and establish a Canadian office. GetResponse progressively launched out to other markets, that by 2009 it was truly a global player in the global market, setting up offices in all continents of the world, including Oceania. This feat won it the number two spot in Website Magazine’s email marketing provider’s annual rankings.

The year 2010 witnessed the final crowning of GetResponse as the world’s easiest email marketing tool by the same magazine. GetResponse has gone ahead to win the first Stevie award for email creator and landing page creator. GetResponse, in line with its policy of steady growth and development, has gone on to set milestones in the email marketing scene.

It was the first email marketing tool to introduce responsive email designs. For this, the company clinched 9 Stevie awards in 2013. By 2013, GetResponse has already become available in 183 countries and 24 languages. It launched a marketing automation, perfect timing, the forms and global views as part of its portfolios.

It’s interesting to note that reputable brands and organizations are part of GetResponse’s customer base. They include UNESCO, IKEA, Inglot, AVON, Lynda, and Hilton. This has fully established GetResponse as a force to be reckoned with in its industry.


The Pros and Cons of GetResponse

GetResponse Pros And Cons

We will be summarizing the pros and cons of using this email marketing tool.

Pros of using GetResponse

  • GetResponse gives you top-notch marketing options
  • If you settle for its basic plan, GetResponse appears quite affordable than its business rivals, offering as much functionality, and in some cases more functionality.
  • If you’re ready to pay upfront for s much as 12 to 24 months for its service, then the discounts you will be receiving will be quite generous. It’s unlikely you will find such similar discounts elsewhere.
  • The novel ‘Autofunnel’ feature is the game-changer for online merchants who will find it very useful in managing all categories off their e-commerce activities and sales funnels under one platform.
  • GetResponse hosts webinar functionality which has become its unique selling point, as this functionality is not offered by similar products.
  • As part of its USP, it hosts CRM functionality. However, this one functionality that would need to be developed further to enable it becomes a full replacement for CRM tools that are currently in the market.
  • Its reporting and comprehensive split testing features are standard.
  • GetResponse comes out clean about deliverability rates. It publishes figures on its website, providing you with deliverability analytics for every e-newsletter you send across.
  • The data segmentation of GetResponse is one of the best you can find around, ensuring an all-round flexibility than most of its peers can offer.
  • With GetResponse, you can get a preview of the Smartphone version of e-newsletters, enabling it to achieve responsive email support.
  • All GetResponse plans have the landing page creator option that fast tracks the A/B testing, which is a technique that allows you calculate the performance of messages when it comes to their conversion rate, helping establish which is more effective. When activated, the A/B testing feature for landing pages is one function that is the possibility of saving you lots of money.
  • A custom Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) is set up on all plans. This feature authenticates your domain and ensures that your mail reaches your receivers mail inbox. When not set up, emails may fail authentication and likely end up a spam or junk folder.
  • GetResponse offers tools that comply with the EU’s GDPR. With this feature, you can be sure that your data will be protected.
  • It offers 24/7 customer service support on all plans.
  • The GetResponse free trial of up to one month offers you a subscriber list of up to 250 subscribers. You don’t need to enter your credit details before trying this feature.
  • There’s the availability of high-quality support channels.
  • There are a number of integrations available.
  • There’s a surplus of predesigned email templates to choose from.
  • Easy-to-use tracking tools that have seamless integrations with Google Analytics.
  • Unlike many of its competitors such as Campaigners and others, GetResponse does not set a limit on the sending of emails.

The Cons of using GetResponse

With all the positive reviews the GetResponse software has garnered, and with the many advantages that accrue with using the software, there still exist some challenges. This is an honest GetResponse review and we’re obligated to share the cons of the software with you as well.

  • The user interface of this software can be cumbersome and all over the place. The user interface of this software is not the most friendly, as most users complain of that it can be a bit too complex to understand at first. We think a lot still needs to be done in this aspect. The user interface should be simple, modernistic, and easy to manipulate in order to improve on the general user experience.
  • There are no refunds on annual plans upon cancellation.
  • The landing pages are not free. However, you can still sign up for the autoresponder packages.
  • You will definitely require some dexterity in operating the drag-and-drop interface used for creating emails and landing pages. Hence, there is the need for improvement in that aspect too.
  • There are complaints of e-newsletters designed in GetResponse displaying inappropriately especially when launched from the Gmail mobile app. .
  • The data capture forms does not respond adequately.
  • While the CRM functionality is a plus to the software, it needs to be developed further in order to stand out as a complete replacement for other custom CRM tools.
  • This software lacks the two-factor authentication at login, which is necessary for any software that stores user’s data and contact information.
  • GetResponse does not support phone compatibility.
  • You can’t design emails from within the automatons builder.
  • No community groups.
  • Although the company has promised to fix this bug in their forthcoming update.
  • The current version of the email creator gives no room for to design emails suitable for an automated workflow or autoresponders.

GetResponse Features

  • GetResponse Training: GetResponse has a wide range of courses that you can try out to familiarize yourself with the software and update you with the latest trends on the email marketing industry. These courses will teach you how to get the best out of the GetResponse email marketing as part of your digital marketing strategies for effective sales. The courses include GetResponse list building program, Mastering marketing automation: A free email course by GetResponse, strategic email marketing course, Essential landing page course, Webinar marketing boot camp, Email marketing 101 for Bloggers, and Landing page course.GetResponse Free Training
  • GetResponse Live chat: There are many businesses out there in the market. One thing you really need is the ability to make your business to stand out from the crowd. That way, you can keep your customers interested in what you’ve got to offer. One of the ways of doing this is by providing faster and efficient customer service. Imagine being able to provide customer service on a 24/7 basis, in which your customers do not have to wait endless hours to get in touch with you.GetResponse Live Chat The GetResponse live chat feature helps you achieve all of this. The GetResponse live chat is an online function that enables you to connect with your website visitors in real-time. Its live chat integration also helps you to increase your subscriber’s list rapidly. This is an awesome way of increasing your leads and conversions. Also, when website visitors fill a pre-chat survey, they’re able to sign up for your newsletter easily. It only requires a quick installation, leading to a seamless integration. The result is increased customer retention through enhanced customer service support.
  • GetResponse Payment Methods: GetResponse accepts debit cards and major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Maestro, JCB, and American Express. It is important to note that before you add a card, be sure it can be used for continual payments and online international transactions. Although you can make payments using PayPal, it is limited to certain countries. In some other countries, payments can be made using the following payment methods and services:
    • PayU in Poland
    • iDeaL in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg
    • Sepa Direct Debit in Germany
    • Qiwi in Russia
    • AliPay in China, Malaysia, and Singapore

Some functions such as buying photos in Files and images would only be possible if you use a credit card as your payment method. Note that payment methods can be changed by the GetResponse support team when you make such requests. The 24/7 live chat or email support can be contacted to assist you in changing the payment methods. Contact the GetResponse team to avail yourself of information for the country you currently reside.

  • GetResponse Funnel: An Autofunnel is an off-the-peg, automated system that enables you to build your landing pages, automate your emails, sell your products, retrieve orders that may have been previously side-tracked, and most importantly earn you money. The GetResponse funnel integrates multiple GetResponse features into one seamless stream. These are features you’ve always wanted to have built into the GetResponse package. The GetResponse funnel is a solution to those demands. So, what will the GetResponse funnel do for you? First, it helps you generate some traffic. Now, you’ve got on your hands powerful traffic-generating tools built into your GetResponse account. With these tools, you’re able to access the following features:GetResponse Autofunnel
    • Create Facebook ads: This will help drive quality traffic to your pages. There is the avenue of a defined target group, budget and ad content. As a follow-up, you will be able to monitor and track your ad campaigns, ensuring you’re getting a return on your investments.
    • Social Ads Creator: This tool makes use of custom-made templates that are specifically designed for your business. With it can create breathtaking animations for your social media handles in a matter of minutes, even if you may not have prior designing experience. It can be done using your Smartphone with no extra cost incurred.
    • Create Industry-specific Landing Pages: The GetResponse autofunnel enables you to get a new landing page with templates that are optimized for conversions and tailored for your particular industry or niche.


  • GetResponse Landing Pages: When digital marketers make use of landing pages or any of their online advertising campaigns, they’re assured of far more leads. This is because they point their website visitors to optimally designed ‘squeeze pages’ containing concise information and attractive capture forms, rather than to a website that is cluttered up the place. GetResponse offers you this practical feature, helping you to build a landing page that is mobile-friendly. Besides creating a squeeze page for you, GetResponse helps you to know the conversion rate of these pages when stacked against each other, all in real-time.GetResponse Landing Page Subsequently offering the best page for continual usage. This is one feature that can be included as part of the unique selling points of GetResponse. Its competitors such as Campaign Monitor and Aweber make use of third-party landing pages. And when some other competitors offer this service, it is not as sophisticated as that of GetResponse. Most importantly, GetResponse’s landing page feature is available on all its plans. Although this support occurred recently, it is most certainly welcomed. Other landing page tools hover around the $99 to $199 mark. Therefore, this feature saves you some extra bucks. Although you will have to put up with a not-so-friendly user interface when building your landing pages. You would also have to design different versions of your landing page to include desktop and mobile phone support. If this does not prove too cumbersome for you, then you will find GetResponse a valuable tool in your online marketing strategy.
  • GetResponse Integrations: GetResponse integrates with over 200 different apps and services, including Zoho, PayPal, 123ContactForm, AMZ Promoter, Ads Workbench, Alter and AmazonPayments. When it comes to the numbers, then GetResponse is way behind other competitors such as MailChimp, which integrates with over 700 apps and services. It is worth noting that GetResponse is supported by Zapier, which opens the door for other integrations. So, unless you’re currently operating from an inconspicuous platform, GetResponse should be able to serve your needs. If you’re not sure your current setup supports GetResponse, then it is recommended that you go through their list of integrations before plunging into the usage of the service.


GetResponse Free-Trial

The GetResponse free-trial service gives you a 30-day unlimited use of all its features. With this service, you don’t require any credit card. All you need is your email, first name, and password, and an account will be created or you. This feature gives individuals and businesses the freedom the try out all the features of GetResponse before making the purchase.

GetResponse Free Trial

GetResponse Pricing Details

GetResponse plans have all the basic email marketing tools you need and Core tools such as:

  • The ability to import your contact emailing list, grow them to a considerable size and also host them.
  • A wide variety of tailored themes to use for your e-newsletters.
  • Autoresponder support.
  • Responsive email interface.
  • A/B split testing.
  • In-depth reporting.
  • RSS/Blog-to-mail support.
  • An all-embracing segmentation options.
  • Social media sharing options.

GetResponse offers four plans:

  • Basic Plan: This plan starts at $15 per month. It allows you to send an unlimited number of emails to up to 1000 subscribers. This plan is suitable for email marketers and small businesses focused on growth. For an extra monthly charge, you can buy webinars and/or multi-user access add-ons.
  • Plus Plan: This plan starts at $49 per month. It allows to you send emails to about 1000 subscribers. This plan is suitable for growth-focused marketers, and small and mid-sized businesses. For every account created within this plan, there are CRM, 100 webinars, as well as multi-user access (3 users) add-ons.
  • Professional Plan: This plan starts at $99 per month for up to 1000 subscribers. This plan is suitable for the marketing Pros with advanced email marketing needs. For every account created within this plan, there are CRM, 300 webinars, as well as multi-user access (5 users) add-ons.

GetResponse Pricing

Is GetResponse Good For Email Marketing?

GetResponse lays claim to being the easiest email marketing tool available with tons of features. For the Polish-based company, it has been a steady rise from obscurity to being a global player reaching over 180 countries, with lots of reputable companies and brands in its clientele list. GetResponse engages over 1 billion subscribers every month. That’s a huge market share. But is the GetResponse email marketing tool the best out there? Well, that’s debatable, but when it comes to the features they have, they boast a lot more than most other email marketing services.

From Autoresponders, marketing automation, responsive email designs, analytics, split testing, web fonts, landing page creator, webinars, CRM, Autofunnels, down to data management and deliverability, GetResponse email marketing software might well be worth the money that you’re willing to spend on it.

Overall, the GetResponse email marketing tool is good for email marketing and one of the best marketing software around. We place them favourably in the top tier of their industry due to the many advanced features it boasts of. We highly recommend it. If you’re an e-commerce merchant who wants to drive more sales, if you’re in need of sophisticated automation that allows you to set up a wide range of actions such as sending emails, contact tagging, segmentation and data updates, then go for GetResponse. Over the years GetResponse has done certain things right. There’s room for improvement and we hope further versions of this software will continue to live up to users’ expectations.

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