Learn To Do Affiliate Marketing Profitably

In this article, you will learn to do affiliate marketing by being profitable from day 1.

This is a step by step process and if you can follow and implement it, then you will be able to make a source of passive income for yourself.

Learn To Do Affiliate Marketing

Step 1: You need a website and I will help you to make a free website with a free domain.

Step 2: It is important to decide what kind of affiliate products or services you want to promote.

Step 3: I’ll teach you how to write product reviews that can help you to get sales.

Step 4: You’ll learn about promoting these reviews using free and paid methods.

If you implement all of these things then you are going to see money coming in as soon as possible.

You must have a proper strategy to promote affiliate products from day one. Your success in affiliate marketing totally depends on the strategy that you are going to use.


Proper Affiliate Marketing strategy

To make a proper affiliate marketing strategy, you must either know about that product or you should be happy to learn about that product.

affiliate marketing strategy

You’ll make a website and start to write product reviews. After writing a product review, you will immediately promote it by using free and paid methods of promotion.

If you start to promote, you’ll soon start to make sales through your product reviews.

Throughout time, you can add more reviews to your website and get more sales.


Start Doing Affiliate Marketing For Free

You can start doing affiliate marketing for free by following the process that I am showing you here. These are some essential things that you need to understand.

  • You are going to make a website for free.
  • Learn a unique and effective way to write product reviews for free.
  • Promoting your reviews for free by using social media.

Paid ads cannot be free but it is important to use paid ads to make sales from day one.

If you start to write product reviews continuously then you’ll start to get free organic traffic from various search engines after some months. This free organic traffic can be a good source of passive income for you in the long run.

Now let’s start to make a website for you.


Make A Website For Affiliate Marketing

You can make a website in 30 seconds with the help of this article.

Basically, you need to join a platform that is called the wealthy affiliate. You can get free lifetime access to this platform.

This platform is specially designed for affiliate marketers of all levels.

It will help you to build and host your website. They do have a paid plan but it is your choice to join it or not.

You are going to get 10 free lessons that will help you to understand about making money online, keyword research, niche selection, making and customizing your website.

Once your website is ready, then you can join various affiliate programs and select the products that you want to promote.

Now let’s learn about writing product reviews


How To Write Product Reviews

Check the product reviews that are already available on Google and find what kind of product review will be easy for you to write for a specific product.

You can either type or use speech notes to write a product review.

how to write product reviews

Speech notes is a free platform that can help you to convert your speech into text in real-time. You can create a product review by just speaking in front of it.

if you do not want to write an article by yourself then you can hire a content writer through various freelance platforms.

Use an image that shows either a special offer or something interesting and use your affiliate link in that particular image.

Always use a Call To Action in that image for example: Click Here, Learn More, Visit Site and so on

Once your product review article is ready then it’s time to promote that article.


How To Promote Your Product Review Article

You can promote your product review article by using various social media for free. Some of them are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and so on.

how to promote product reviews

In the case of paid ads, you can use google ads, Microsoft ads, Facebook ads and so on.

It will not be possible for me to teach you each and every free and paid promotion method in this article.

So I’ll teach you about the Instagram method and Microsoft ads method.


Promote using Instagram: 

To promote your product review article with Instagram, you need to sign up for a free business account of Instagram.

Now you should check other Instagram account that are promoting the similar type of products that you want to promote.

You’ll have a proper idea about, what type of picture and hashtag you should use.

Always use your website link in the bio section of your Instagram and start to post pictures that are related to your product with hashtags.

Most importantly, Never forget to use the “Link In Bio” text in the pictures.

You can also follow those people, who are interested in the product that you are promoting. To do this, you can search for various Instagram posts and accounts that are related to your affiliate product.


Promote using Microsoft Ads: 

You can get $100 to advertise in Microsoft ads if you spend $25 as a new user.

To get this advertising credit you can sign up to Microsoft ad through a link like this or you can message to their support and ask them about this offer for the new users.

People search for product reviews only in search engines that’s why it is important to do paid promotion through Microsoft ads.

You can watch this tutorial to make a campaign on Microsoft ads.


Is affiliate marketing really profitable?

Affiliate marketing is profitable if you are using some kind of tried and tested methods.

You need to have a proper vision to do affiliate marketing. You should think of creating an online business by using affiliate marketing.

You can search on Google for any product review, then you will see there are hundreds of reviews available.

Almost all of those reviews are written by affiliate marketers and they are earning a good amount of passive income through their articles.

So, think before you act and choose a proper way to do affiliate marketing for the long term. Don’t just get stuck on making money online through affiliate marketing.

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