My Real Story That Can Help You

If you really want to be happy & satisfied in life then you need to think of three things.

  1. How to become financially free.
  2. How to get motivated daily.
  3. How to help other people.

This is my story on how I got started from making money online to helping people while enjoying the process.


My name is Pawan Dhakal & I am from Nepal.


For me, everything started when I thought about making money online.


I tried lots of things online & nothing worked for me.


Later I came to know about online trading stuff.


I started to trade & made a good amount of loss.


I was losing money so I thought about who was earning from me.


Then I came to know about brokers & affiliate marketers.


I liked affiliate marketing & thought to give it a try.


I joined an online trading affiliate program & started to promote it through google ads.


I made $12K+ for the first time with affiliate marketing & It was really huge amount for me.


Later google decided to ban such platforms to be promoted.


And I came to the same place from where I had started my journey as an affiliate marketer.


Later I joined a CPA Marketing platform that is called Maxbounty.


And I started to promote it through various advertising platforms and made a good amount of money.


But gradually advertising platform started to become more strict.


So I was totally dependent on Bing ads.


I was not liking what was going on.


I couldn’t just depend on bing ads.


So I started to think about getting organic/free traffic.


My first attempt was to run a blog & earn from Adsense.


It couldn’t last long because I didn’t have a proper idea about blogging & there were lots of stuff that was being hard for me to handle.


And then I got introduced to Wealthy Affiliate.


A platform designed for all levels of affiliate marketers.


They teach people how to build an affiliate marketing blog in a step-by-step process.


I made some blogs.


wealthy affiliate


Some blogs didn’t bring any organic traffic & some were doing well.


I still run my blogs from inside the wealthy affiliate platform.


Building a blog & getting a good amount of traffic takes time.


But while I was watching those training videos inside wealthy affiliate.


Then I felt I could make similar types of screen recording videos easily.


So firstly I launched my first youtube channel & started to make videos about online trading.


Later I realized promoting online trading would be not so good for people.


So I thought to launch my own CPA Marketing course in Udemy.


I made my first course with similar type of Screen recording tutorial.


This course became one of the bestseller course in udemy.


cpa marketing course


Coming Up to here I was able to build 3 types of assets:

1. Affiliate Marketing Blogs
2. Youtube Channels
3. My Own Course


Everything was going well & I somehow came to know about a book that was named Traffic Secrets.

As you know I wanted to know everything that could help me to get more traffic.


I read that book in 3-5 days.


My mind was totally blown.


Traffic Secrets Book


This Traffic secrets book made me understand all the core things that I really needed to know about getting traffic.


I quickly joined there 30 days training that is called OFA Challenge.


This OFA challenge was able to level up everything for me.


It taught me how to promote our own product by using sales funnel to make more money from a single customer.


They taught about belief systems, funnel building, upsell, downsell, one time offer, how to get traffic to our funnel & so on.


ofa challenge


They also talked about promoting affiliate products by adding bonuses by analyzing what our customers may need more after buying a certain product.


OFA Challenge helped me to understand lots of things at the deepest level.


Now I do things in a more cool way.


As steve jobs once told about connecting the dots.


When I look back everything that I did, eventually helped me to build more things in my life.


As for now, I have decided to help people by sharing my real story.


There are many ways to make money online.


But according to my experience, there are two ways to get started in the right way to make money online.


You can either start your own affiliate marketing blog, youtube channel & so on by following the training inside wealthy affiliate.


You can launch your own product or promote affiliate products by using funnels by joining 30 days training that is called OFA Challenge.